Where are you all from????

Completely random and should be ridiculed, but…where is everyone who posts here from?

oh, and AES, what does that stand for, your name? You are such an enigma! lol

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22 year old First Year at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.

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  1. haha about aes!! id love to go to canada. like the usa but with less financial corruption and nutcases. however lost and family guy come from the states so i’ll give them that! im from manchester england but study in oxford. but not the posh university, its in the same city but its called oxford brookes. but if i say i study in oxford england, people assume the best.

    just being economical with the truth…kuje Ben!

  2. i’ve got 10 years on ya thomas5, canada is a great place, but we would likely be nothing without the USA. canadian tv sucks hard, and they couldn’t produce a show like lost in their wildest dreams.

  3. Agreed about Canadian television.

    Our fortΓ© (if there is one) is dry wit.

    Check out Due South, Slings and Arrows, Made In Canada, the Newsroom and the excellent Rick Mercer Report.

    Dramas, not so much.

    Username: Which part of Canada? Totonto, right?

    I’m from Montreal, but please do not hold that against me.

  4. I am a citizen of the wonderful United States. Land of the free, home of the Lost. And for where, lets just say I watch Lost every week at 9pm.

  5. I’m from Georgia and I currently live in Athens studying at the University of Georgia… way down south from you guys in Canada. So… AES is from somewhere in the eastern time zone but where?

  6. Hey Tom, whereabouts in Manchester are you from? I’ve been living in Manchester for just over 2 years now, in Blackley.

    I used to live in Wigan, and before that, Lincolnshire.

    I’ve moved about quite a bit lol πŸ™‚

  7. Originally from Bradford, W. Yorks. Moved to Leicester in 2001 and there I stayed. Liking the idea of moving to Manchester or back to Leeds. Since leaving uni I’ve been working for a fashion and homewares directory, doing a little DJing and graphic design to keep me busy in the evening and at weekends.

    LOST is the only thing I actively watch on TV. I watch 24 whenever the DVDs are released. Prison Break and Heroes aren’t quite meaty enough. Cursing Darlton for raising the bar..

  8. Of course you know Tom, the name is part of the, um, game. Not really sure how to explain it without seeming nuts, but…Been using it for about 2 years on various Lost sites.
    My only home other than this one was LT theories, in which I actually used the words the initials stand for. I became frustated very many times and expressed that frustration towards the end.
    The “children” of the site broke me and I actually left at least three weeks before it went down.
    Dont blog any other type of sites, so said I was done with the name, as stupid as it sounds coming from a theorist on a TV show site.
    Then I found home again. I said some harsh words to a few ruining LT, and didnt want it to carry over and effect credentials here.
    The name is NOT my real initials…
    I really wasnt even planning on giving it away, but since you asked…..
    You may call me…Abbot

  9. Male. 31 years of age. Port Huron, Michigan, USA (that’s just north of Detroit).

    That makes me nearly Canadian, I guess… once when I was a teenager I floated across the river to Sarnia, Ontario with a friend. It’s fun but the frighters can be a menace! So for a couple of hours or so I was an illegal alien in Canada. Not much of a claim to fame but it’s what I got.

  10. @AES, you and I didn’t have any run-ins on LT, did we? I don’t remember having any… I use the same name on here (I’m sure you figured that out). I quit posting on there about a month or so before it went down… It was getting lame with all the bickering and whatnot… with nothing new to post about between seasons it really wasn’t worth it to put up with that.

  11. I remember once when I was like 19 or 20 and in Canada to drink… I bought a pack of cigarettes and I was absolutely shocked at how expensive they were… Of course, a pack of smokes goes for over $5 in Michigan now so what’s the difference? I quit anyway.

    One time when we were going over the Blue Water Bridge the guy asked if we had any alcohol or tobacco and my friend who was driving said no… but I said,

  12. highbrow, i believe you and i spent a couple of posts discussing timetravel on lost…you were a non believer pre ‘constant’, yes? Could be wrong on this, but i remember you. Geat theories on that site from your perspective, that i remember for sure.

  13. I live in VA…but I used to live in Hawaii for nine months…Oahu…:) I actually was not watching the show at the time but you heard from lots of people that they would run into one of the actors from the show…my friend who lived upstairs from me worked for a Realtor who showed Locke and his mother around for a home..went to lunch with both of them! πŸ™‚ I only wish I had known about the show when I lived there…I would have been looking for them everywhere! πŸ™‚ This show is incredible and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Tehignored…wherever are you from? πŸ˜‰ Crash and burn baby! πŸ™‚

  14. Um, I didn’t watch Lost until Season Four. I watched every episode in order from the pilot on then started watching on TV when I caught up. I think I came in post time travel. I’ve always been a believer…

  15. hello all, my name is Geraint Fletcher, you can all call me Gaz though.

    I was born and raised, and still reside in the wonderful city of Derby, England, in the most beautilful village of Spondon!

    i too extend my hand of friendship to the north East

    hello to our cousins in teh States and Canada.

  16. I tune in here from Vancovuer Island in Canada. and although some people on here have referred to me as a guy, i’m actually a 27 year old chick πŸ™‚

  17. I’m 38 years young and have myself a gorgeous wife and no kid’s so I can still act like one myself. Most of my friends call me Vincent,(when I start acting annoying) after Vince Vaughn I obviously don’t have what he has, But I’m a little annoying and am always in the middle of or creating a good time.

    I’ve lived all over the USA and believe me it is not all corruption and nutcases. My favorite place I lived was Key Largo FL. Spent almost 2 years there a few years after Andrew hit. I went to school at Butte CC just outside Chico CA. I lived in Chico for three years and if any of you know anything abut Chico it is a pretty great town to go to school in. Spent three years there did not graduate (I know surprise, surprise). I work for the city now and it is a nice little gig. I live in Jacksonville Oregon one of the most beautiful places around and absolutely love rode trips and exploring . You guys are great. Thanks Tomhas

  18. I should also add that I do officiate High school and Collegiate level Baseball. Yeah so I travel around mostly just Oregon calling ball, strikes, out, safe all that. The reason I bring it up is because after a long day of getting yelled at by coaches and fans I hope I don’t carry any of that animosity in here. I can just see Highbrow saying well call a better game then, and you won’t get yelled at. That never happens doesn’t matter how good you are nobody likes the umpire until after the game and if they won.

  19. wow ontopofoldsmokey, i feel as if i’ve known you my entire life!

    if that’s how it’s going to be, here’s some more about me, but i’m prety boring so don’t worry about offending me by telling me you couldn’t care less!

    I’m 23 years old and i am married with 2 children (i know i seem kinda young for that). My hobbies include football (soccor my american friends) and love going to watch Derby County. For those of you stateside who don’t follow football, Derby county are actually the best team in the world but aren’t as well marketed as teams like manchester united.

    I also love all music and play in a band ( – shameless plug), i love movies, i love TV and watch far too much and should be fat (to be really boring, i would tell you about the time I went on TV and kicked Anne Robinson’s ass but i’ll save that), getting out and about and being with my family.

    as a closing statement, ontopofoldsmokey, i love the states and despite only ever having been to florida, also feel that there is a unfair idea of what the place is like. I feel like us (the UK) and our wonderful allies (the USA) should embrace one another πŸ™‚

  20. Well, call a better game then!

    I was going to say something different than what you said you expected but I couldn’t think of anything… call all strikes? Call all balls? Geez, if you’re not going to piss someone off then the game will last forever! Maybe you should just take time to have a Twix…

    Yeah AES, I think was was pretty well known around that site… I got along with people in general except for those who decided not to get my sense of humor… I’m trying to keep it toned down a bit here and to be more serious but lately I’ve been having trouble staying on track!

  21. i used to be on LT, didn’t really say much near the end of that site, it was mostly just fun to sit back and read all the bickering πŸ˜‰ but Cartoonhead, ah he was a goodie. Him and highbrow usually kept me in stitches! There were some really bright mindson LT, we did manage to hang on to a few, but it is too bad that we might not get to hear from others again.

  22. Wow, so many Canadians!

    Bailey1227, Nanaimo, or Victoria area?

    cappayne, Engineering program?

    Andre7, you are forgetting about the most intelligent Canadian show on television, “Trailer Park Boys”. lol

    OT, it certainly sounds like you have led an interesting life!

    AES, you gave it up with “Abbot”, I think I know the rest of it! lol

  23. dabs – I’m in BMOS, but I take Economics, which is a major class for those in Engineering.

    gaz – Is that you on the Weakest Link in your picture?

  24. LT was a really great theories site as long as new information was coming out… between seasons though, different story.

    In the end though it wasn’t the bickering or fighting that brought the site down in the end. It was a hosting issue.

  25. bailey1227, Victoria is so beautiful! I lived on English Bay for quite a spell, so I visited Victoria on several occasions! They don’t call it, “Gods Country” for nothing!

    cappayne, Western is a great University! Known for its Engineering program. I know a few peeps who attended.

    AES, second code word “Edina”! I may have not posted, but I still watched the view!

  26. AES, I thought I was going to be right on this one! lol

    I shall ply you, until you satisfy my quest for knowledge! At least I had ALL of the letters right!

  27. Just joined here a couple of weeks ago, after getting tired of all the bickering on Hail from Atlanta, Ga in the good ole USA. Go Dawgs. Ontopofoldsmokey, I also call High School and mens league baseball, so I feel your pain.

  28. A few quick Google searches reveals:

    Abbot, meaning father, is a title given to the head of a monastery in various traditions, including Christianity.

    Enheduanna is the first author and poet in the world that history knows by name.

    The Schwarzschild radius is a characteristic radius associated with every mass. It is the radius for a given mass where, if that mass could be compressed to fit within that radius, no known force or degeneracy pressure could stop it from continuing to collapse into a gravitational singularity.

    I guess I’m assuming you chose those three names and put them together on purpose…

  29. but it is not what the name is…but what it means…
    highbrow, you impress me, even if on small scale or with help from the google gods, on a daily basis

  30. AES – “That’s what it says, not what it means” ? As in jacks tattoo?

    I am a 27 yr old…..person. I live in the lovely state of VA, though I think I’ve had my run, should leave soon. Any openings on flights to Guam?


  31. Ahh Mrs Sawyer ive got nothing to against southerners apart from the extortionate price of a pint Β£3.50 what is that all about lol.

    I only wrote that as some people may have not wrote anything down as to where they come from and knew i’d be in the minority of people from the UK so needed a friend πŸ™‚

    Ive got loads of cockney friends from my Army days.

  32. ekolocation – ive heard that a company called ‘Dharma Initiative’ are hiring all you have to do is contact a Ms Hawkins and explain that ure a survivor of 815 and you missed the Ajira 316 as Jack left you at the hotel and she’ll explain the rest πŸ™‚

  33. damuse09 I’m glad someone understands what I go through. I Love it. Spent time in Georgia at Fort Benning did my Basic Training there. After I was done spent a little time in Atlanta just a few days took in a couple Braves games.

    Ramfangazman good stuff I like your style. I stay out of the corruption talk because it makes my BLOOD BOIL the corruption that was ALLOWED to bury our reputation. Anyway enough of that.

    Dabs it has been an interesting ride so far. And I hope to get up to Canada I am just afraid we wouldn’t come home because I KNOW we would Love it. . I almost Honeymooned there, But went to Hawaii instead. And not only is my wife a great gal, But she can burn a peice of toast with the best of them. Back to work

  34. I wrote this comment on my “time zones” question, but realized that I never actually came here to answer the question.

    Portland, Oregon.

    Highbrow – I commented back to you about basketball on my “Time Zones” question.

    Dabs, you and AES are cracking me up!!!

  35. It’s too bad you’re not coming out. I would have bought you a beer. Then I would have started talking about time travel and you’d hit me in the head with the bottle!

    Michigan is out of the tournament so what’s the point in watching anyway? Go Michigan State? Eh, I’m just not feeling it… I bet the DeGroots are upset about that too…

  36. The problem with you buying me a beer in Detroit is that I am spoiled by the Northwest microbrews, and I just can’t dig into MGD. πŸ™‚ Which reminds me, whenever I see Sawyer craking open a Dharma beer I think, “that must taste like pee.”

  37. emzi, im from bramhall, stockport! no way, cant believe a fellow mancunian found their way to this place!…we ARE the island! haha family guy quote!


    We gots tons of local stuff. I suggest the Detroit Red. Frog Island Ale is pretty good too from the brewery in Ypsilanti. Oberon is pretty popular, from Kalamazoo.

    Good Lord, I don’t drink MGD unless I’m already hammered…

  39. Well, well, well AES! Highbrow and bailey1227 had the proper variation of the names, but I gave it up with the addition of Edina. It’s been awhile, and I couldn’t quite recall.

    You were just playing coy with me!

    PS: kimberly, if you want a real beer, you’ll have to come to Canada!

    I better run now, I feel the Missus will be after me, after that comment! lol

  40. Β£1.96 is cheap πŸ™‚ but after a while i got to move on to JD and cokes, god bless Mr Daniels lol

    Bubbles eh? im guessing you dont mean radox bubbles lol

    As for the best beer around its got to be Newcastle Brown Ale πŸ™‚

  41. I live in Canada but I was born and raised in Europe, Romania ,to be more specific. Well now, aren`t you all keane to google Romania, or find it on ? Come on admit it, 90% of you can`t find it on a map in 35 seconds. Don`t you go transylvania on me either ..or Nadia Comaneci..oh, wait , you don`t know who she is ? Ask the guy that lives in Montreal, she set a world record in that town. And yes, it is weird , there are so many canadians on this blog.

  42. I am from USA in a little known state called Idaho. For those of you not from the states you don’t have to google it I assure it does exist. It is not hidden by an invisible shield, and no I cannot move it with the turn of a wheel.

  43. Bailey, you had the right idea, the mane is almost stupid, its so long.
    Highbrow, nice work today, been waiting for someone to figure that out, and Thomas, thanks for asking!
    Highbrow, the physicist huh? You could dig forever and I dont think you would get it, and no, not my ‘real’ name in any way.
    Kimberly, a little mystery is all I need in life. And dont let Dabsi make you wonder too much…
    Hey Dabsi, how is Ontario this time of year?
    Who’s playing coy now?

  44. Maybe they are his favorite letters in the alphabet and he uses the periods not for abbreviation but as a smokescreen (like the producers of lost).

  45. Bailey, I very much remember you as well. You dont seem to be here as much as you were there, at, least not when I am on. And yes, there was a theory you wrote on “Hawkings, brief history of time”, no?
    If that was you, it was one of my personal favorites ever on that site. I actually was reading the book at the time of posting…yes, yes, I remember you.

  46. I was all time travel, all the time since Des’s turning of the key, and jumping back. I cant believe people still argued that there wasnt timetravel on Lost. I remember arguing, not debating, but arguing the timetravel issues, well past the season 4 finale, I mean come on!

  47. AES, Yes that was me! hee hee. I was honestly dissapointed when you said you weren’t him! I don’t post quite as much on here, but i’m always reading/lurking about πŸ™‚ i don’t really have a creative mind that can whip up a whole theory πŸ™ I just point out flaws in other peoples (i kid, i kid……….sort of).

    So glad to see so many of the ol’ LT’ers in here!

  48. AES, I am not playing coy! lol I am a woman of many mysteries! I prefer it that way.

    Southern Ontario has been warming up! Especially, south of Toronto! lol Coy, indeed!

  49. Or maybe even the heavenly fathers blackhole/time machine ie the island. which means jacob is god and the island is his way of being able to be everywhere at all times.

  50. Yeah Kimberly I love Southern Oregon we get all 4 seasons and it’s really nice. I do want to get up to the Portland zoo and see that new Baby Elephant they got. Way to many Micro-Brew to list I’ll start with a flat tire though.

  51. speaking of the old LT ite, ‘timing is everything’….you wont understand this statement now, but sometime soon…its not a puzzle or anything , so dont try and figure it out…just leaving a mark…

  52. So, AES are you going to dish where you come from? Because I am pretty sure Lost airs @ 9:00pm in just about any time zone, if you want to be technical about it. lol

  53. LOL…Come on Dabs, what would the giant eye be without a little mystery. NMB got my timezone. You guys figured out my name…Im a physicist, a view cast member, Benjamin Linus, trapped in a timeloop, an elementary school, a scientific measurement, a poet/author, a holy figure, smokey, and who knows what else.
    Teh, nailed it with the Jack’s tatoo analogy, but wasnt even in my head until you said it.
    Where Im from is a relevant as where any of the Losties are actually from.
    Besides, I gave it away long ago in a comment, nobody cared at the time though ;]
    …long ago, as clear as day, silver platter

  54. AES, Yes I recall you saying somewhere on the east coast, (upstate NY?), but even that was pretty vague! I know NMB guessed east coast, but I already knew that! lol

    No matter how much information you have provided, you are somewhat of an enigma, (a true man of mystery), and a pretty brilliant one at that! It makes you fascinating.

    Shame on you to think, I didn’t care! Truly insulting! sniff!

  55. I never thought you didnt care, gosh, make a guy feel bad.
    It was actually a sports clue. About a team. My city…
    I appreciate the compliments from you Dabsi, means a lot. Had a lot of late night runs…
    I really appreciate the compliments from all here, theorist included. I know many were joking, but at least I see my thoughts are appreciated.

  56. AES, don’t feel too bad. Ha, I wish I could recall your favourite team, but as I’m not into sports that much, it likely slipped by me!

    You will likely never realize the extent, of what a positive and welcome influence you have played in my life, thus far.

    Love the late night runs with you too, my friend! And, I’ll drink to that!

  57. Highbrow – Iggys and I both have had, and enjoy Flat Tire – she used to live in Michigan, Traverse City area, and I am a connoisseur of Microbrews, got a really good one here in my parts of VA. Brooklyn Breweries are also VERY excellent.

    BTW, y’all can call me Iggy, Teh….i dunno, just doesn’t sound right :).

  58. Okay IGGY I will call you that…;) Yes, I lived in Michigan for awhile…liked it…did have some good beer! πŸ™‚ Iggy actually does his own microbrews too…although he doesn’t have the equipment anymore…:( That’s a whole ‘nother show… πŸ˜›

    Highbrow…you and Iggy sound a lot alike
    it is actually funny because when I was reading these posts and sharing them with Iggy before he signed on to it, he had me fooled by saying “maybe I am highbrow..” lol I was like “hmmm maybe?” It was a funny split second of him almost convincing me he could be. πŸ™‚

    AES: I don’t really care what your name means, but I love your responses to everyone…you are a very smart guy! πŸ™‚

    DABSI: You are pretty funny as well….not sure how old you are though…. πŸ˜›

    I love sharing all of these theories and thoughts with people who actually have some intelligent things to say….this show is incredible…makes your brain work…entertains and even has caused people all across the world to be discussing things from past theorists and physicists…awesome! πŸ™‚

  59. Wesley, I recalled it was Boston in the wee hours of the morning! I wasn’t about to let AES off of the hook, by insinuating I didn’t care! lol

    iggysgal, Can you tell how old somebody is from their postings? I guess my attempts to appear as ‘ageless’ as Richard Alpert is working then! lol

  60. You mean I’m not completely unique? Of course I am…

    I do have to confess something to you all… it’s been fun but it’s time to bring the game to a close. I am A.E.S. I’m just a guy with two usernames, highbrow and A.E.S. and I’ve had you all fooled here with the debates and whatnot.

    Oh, and the correct answer was Rhode Island. Rhode Island. Yeah…

  61. So glad you are enjoying yourself AES! lol I recall that conversation, but cannot for the life of me, remember which post it was.

    Seems to me, I remember something about Pennsylvania too! I did make a mental note of it, but my brain is not allowing me to access the information, which I am sure is a source of pleasure for you! lol

  62. ….I just cannot believe nobody realized I was actually highbrow…
    I mean, you would think that me using 2 names, one insinuating mystery, and having it be the intelligent, always correct, funny, thoughtful, full of imagination, and most likely better looking…
    Then theres my highbrow side, never thinks things through, doesnt pay attention, purposfully ignorant to a great theory such as the timeloop, multiple timelines, and changing the past. And Highbrow is supposed to mean an intelligent person…
    I fooled everybody with a loser personae, and a lack of intelligence using this ‘highbrow’ name….
    Now that I think about it, I should have never put ‘highbrow’ into existence, waste of time and theory space…nothing good ever comes out of my mouth under that alias

  63. i did suspect.
    in a (candle by any other name) you screwed up as highbrow you replied to you own question with the same loggin eh?

    im a canadian.

  64. I’ll represent the great state of Arkansas, USA (actually from OK, but it pays the bills, here, international home of WALMART!) 27 now, just turned…I’m OLD!

  65. Born and raised New Yorker!

    I currently live and work in Manhattan,

    I am 23 years old, I work for SonyBMG Music and my girlfriend thinks I am a huge loser for loving lost.

    I won’t let her watch with me because she does not care and tries to talk to me while the show is on,,, so she may have to go!

  66. wait AES, you have been highbrow the same time.

    You have come back and commented on arguments between Highbrow and myself,,

    are you messing with me?

    was it you and I who had the convo where I compared LOST time travel to Back to The Future. Loved it because Hurley did the same thing.

  67. What? You are A.E.S ?

    in some earlier comments above you say that Highbrow is another one of you names on this site, and that you use it to view and comment on theories from a different perspective. If that is true, you have seriously been messing with me since I joined the site lol.

  68. Am I seriously the ONLY California Bear on the site?

    Southern Cali.

    I’m 20 yrs young compared to some, but I love the craziest theories & love smoking some good weed watching Lost with my GF(SUX josh ur girl doesnt like the show) An if you really want your mind BLOWN & your ideas flowing, & get your brain going thats how you should watch it.


  69. lol i used to be a big stoner, but i dont smoke much anymore. i watched lost high for the first time in a while a couple weeks ago when i was in cali…lol. i wasnt thinking as much but i was more focused on the visuals than i normally was. the island is indeed beautiful.

    and joshcgs, im also in ny. im from queens born and raised.

  70. Here’s another so cali … San Diego. Love LOST and have many friends that do, so yes, there are more of us. I’m the only one geeky enough to come up with theories that don’t quite hold a candle to highbrow’s … er… AES’s, I mean …
    28, 2 kids, hubby loves lost with me. πŸ™‚

  71. good afternoon (variations may apply)

    im from scotland and i work in a bookies.

    so ill be taking the best off people here, if any one wants to take bets on who the statue is or whom jacob may be, then ill give you the odds.

    then you give me your credit card details if you win



  72. Samson isn’t my real name but I am a 24 yr old joiner from Durham in the north east of England and I think I’m getting addicted to this site me girlfriend keeps going nuts cos every night when she gets in from work all I do is sit on me iPod touch and read theorys all night I think she is jealous because this site is getting more attention than she is lately

  73. LOL we have completely different tastes she like greys anatomy and 90210 and other crap like that where i love lost and red dwarf. She loves manbands like westlife and takethat where I like indie stuff like red light company and vampire weekend. You could say she’s the ying to my yang maybe a couple of days in room 23 would sort her out eko (god loves you like he does lost)

  74. Hello! I am from Michigan. I remember all the fun we had on LT where I was known as lostfan4ever. I figured out who AES was a while ago. I check in every now and then and read a little but haven’t left any comments for a long time. Good fun in this thread!!

  75. Highbrow–fellow Michigander:

    I live in Sterling Heights–not too far from Port Huron. Love St Claire county and all the nice things up your way!! We are plenty cool!!

  76. I’m from Port Byron, New York, USA. My town is about 25 miles west of Syracuse. I was on the LT site for a couple of months just before it went down. It’s to bad people had to ruin that site. Anyway I used the name Zaphod42 on that site.

  77. Achilli, lol @ Zaphod42… one of my all time favorite books. 42 is the answer to the question of life, right? hahaha! (did you dislike the movie as much as i did? give me the book any day)

    im 33 from the suburbs of Chicago, moved to peoria for a job. Newlywed. studied Electrical Engineering.

    as for AES, I always assumed it stood for Another Excited Somalian. boy was i wrong. guess this is why i usually only post questions and not theories.

    some great theories on this site. I have learned a lot about history and some famous people and idea’s seeking answers for this show.

    “see ya in another life, brotha’s”

    p.s. can anyone get me a job programming PLC’s? lol

  78. I won’t hold the misspelling against you. You are right about 42 being the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’ve always assumed that that’s why the writers included it in Lost. I don’t exactly hate the movie but I do think that it’s been the worst version of the story so far. I hated the design of the Heart of Gold but was pleased with Marvin (although I’ve always imagined him being taller and more intimidating). Have you ever heard the original radio version of HGTTG?

  79. No, i dont think i heard the radio, but i saw the BBC movie a long time ago and thought that was better.

    As far as the recent movie went, I just thought they tried to fit way way too much into it, i mean, they didn’t even go into the whole Towel thing. Just didn’t think it left anything that would make someone want to read the book. They covered 3 books in one short movie. lol. just my opinion though.

  80. Another problem I had with the movie was that it was too sanitized. Also I didn’t care for the graphics for the Guide excerpts. The BBC version of the Guide excerpts was done so well that they kept getting questions about what computer programs they used for it ( and this was back in the 80’s), people were surprised that all the Guide excerpts were done with traditional animation. One more peeve, I didn’t like the way they did Zaphod’s heads in the movie although I remember once reading that it was something Adams wanted to try for the BBC version.

  81. Blackpool, United Kingdom for all my sins however i live in dundee, scotland now.
    I spend most of my time working in the middle east so usually have to watch lost 4 or 5 episodes at a time depending on the length of time i spend away.
    Are you a blue or a red then? Im a massive red!!

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