Farraday is Jacob!

Okay okay I know you are all getting bored with endless Jacob theories but I really think I have cracked it this time 🙂

Watching Namaste last night, one thing that Sawyer said struck me as especially pertinent. Jack had just asked about Farraday being on the island and Sawyer replied that he was not ‘really’ here.

We know from previous episodes that Daniel is rather a vulnerable soul anyway and it is my belief that the move through time has unshaken him. That and the loss of Charlotte, who it turns out he had already met and spoken with when she was a young child.

I think that Dan is the one with the knowledge and tragic history to fulfill the role of Jacob. We know that Dan was already responsible for the death of one student and now he has Charlotte’s blood on his hands. Crucially he is the one person on the island with a full grasp of the time travel aspects of the island. He understands the implications and the science behind what is happening.

What if Ben, as a child, has enough contact with Dan to convince him that Dan sees into the future? Think about it. Someone told Ben to build a runway – the runway that Frank lands flight 316 on. I don’t think Sayid is that person as he wouldn’t know what had happened to the flight. But Ben would know. And how does Ben know? Because Farraday told him.

Most of the DI would probably think Dan is mad however he must have been able to convince young Ben that he knows what is going to happen in the future. Ben is thus guided to join the Others and take part in the purge. I think that Ben is the one who will decide to imprison Daniel/Jacob. Partly for his own good and partly to steal his knowledge and to put himself in a position of power.

Thoughts please.

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11 thoughts on “Farraday is Jacob!

  1. But how does Farraday know about the need for a runway? At least he hasn’t learned about the return of the Oceanic 6 so far in the story.
    That aside, I think Farraday is a prime candidate for Jacob. If Jacob is/was a person.

  2. 😀 I saw the title and I was like oh no
    Not another one…
    But this is actually well argued and I must admit with dan in god knows where land it could happen.
    But again I think it could still be anyone else 🙂
    Perhaps young ben imprisons his older self in the cabin
    And thus knows exactly what to tell himself as he grows up :I
    Still could be anyone at this point though
    Well argued tho m8 😉

  3. one of the biggest mysteries of lost is who is jacob. i guess we probably won’t find out until next season. there must be a connection between Horus and Jacob because of the cabin, but who knows.

  4. Hey, not to be picky or anything, that wasn’t really a theory… more like speculation…can you include some details…I mean I did post a whole boat load of info for all the lazy people who don’t like research, utilize it…

  5. Hey there Missus! I have read all of the Jacob theories, and have not really been convinced that anyone could really fit the bill, and felt Jacob was an unknown entity.

    Your theory is very persuasive for Faraday being Jacob, however! You definitely have me thinking about this. Good stuff!

  6. Lost4815162342 you make an excellent point. I can only think that at some point between 1977 and present day Island time, Farraday becomes unglued from his timeline, thus discovering that flight 316 is going to crash land, bringing both Ben and Locke back to the island.

    Coco sorry you felt this wasn’t a theory. Personally I think the whole point of a theory is to speculate! I am ROFL that you think I’m lazy though 🙂 Certainly too lazy to cut and paste from Lospedia 😉

  7. Just really need 2 say this because it is bugging me. I know the writers change their minds alot but they tend to just add extra bits in ratha then rewrite something they’ve alredy done….they sed at the end of series 2 that we’ve seen jacob in a none speakin role. this tells me a few things….jacob is NOT an unknown entity…..jacob is NOT faraday….and i’ve also come to the conclusion that jacob is NOT a lostie….personally I think that smokey could be Jacob and this is how Jacob has so much knowledge coz wheneva smokeys around people he tends to look like hes reading their souls….also ben talks to Jacob and if you remember ben controls smokey and uses it on the commandos who shoot his daughter. i think the smoke can take up solid shapes and makes itself into the hut and a man because as we know somehow this hut moves around everywhere rather then just stayin still. jst a few thoughts to throw around.

  8. is my memory wrong, or didn’t the producers admit that jacob was in the scene from the pilot helping jack lift the piece of plane off the injured passenger?

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