Jack saves Ben, AGAIN

before everyone starts up on Ben being dead and a new time line starts, let me be the first to say that young Ben does not die and most likely Jack saves him – this is my theory, but could end up being a spoiler. Nothing has CHANGED 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Jack saves Ben, AGAIN

  1. There is no question that Ben survives. My question is: Did Sayid always shoot Ben? When the losties crashed had Ben been shot 27 years ago? I think he would remember the man who shot him…

  2. Ben was the leader of the others for a substantial amount of time. He must have overtaken the dharma initiative some 20 years ago. Thats a long time to learn all about it i figure.

  3. Right, i have a new theory on that. I tried submitting one, but it doesnt seem to post. I do agree with you the more i actually think about it.

    I really have to go back and watch all the episodes again.

  4. Jack will not save Ben, Sawyer wont let him even if he would.
    Most likely, They will turn to Juliet. It is know because she delivered the baby she has some sort of medical experience.
    This is most likely where Bens infatuation originates from, he knows who she is the whole time…who they all are.

  5. bejayel, if it’s your first theory, ezmi has to approve it first. and she wont be on most likely until saturday or sunday when lost airs in the UK.

  6. Two thoughts. One, if Ben has something that he needs to accomplish, then the island won’t let him die, like Michael. Two, I’m thinking that Ben didn’t know about meeting them in previous seasons, but he does realize it now. Similar to how Desmond woke up with the memory of Daniel telling him to find his mother, but didn’t have the memory when he went to sleep.

  7. Ben isn’t going to die. I know this because I’ve seen him alive as an adult.

    Someone will save his life. Probably not Jack because his aptitude test scores were WAY too low. My money is on Juliet. Or maybe that DHARMA doctor but I doubt it… he seemed like an idiot.

    Did anyone notice where Ben was shot? He appeared to have been hit right in the lung. We have good evidence, not just from real life but from the show, that this kind of injury doesn’t kill right away. Remember the Marshall? Sawyer shot him in the chest and Jack made sure we all knew that he could live (uncomfortably, but still) for a while that way.

    Someone will save him.

  8. could end up being juliet, but my money is on jack as they seem to always come full circle on the show. either way, ben does not die as we are lead to believe. highbrow, your explanation is the simplest way of explaining it – we see ben in the future so he does not die in the past.

  9. Personally -I think Jack saves Ben. Old Ben knew he was going to get shot by Sayid as a boy – so he knew he had to get Jack back to the island to save his life. Maybe that is why Ben was manipulating Jack to return to the island?

    Back in Season 3 – Ben only wanted Jack to perform surgery on his spine to remove the tumor because Jack had saved his life before in the past when Sayid shot him.

    Just some thoughts…

  10. I think it’s a silly cliff-hanger ending and the only logical course is that Ben lives… if Ben doesn’t live, then I’ll just stop watching the show as it no longer makes any sense. My only question is, did Sayid kill Jin, or just knock him out?

  11. I think knocked Jin out. Oddly enough, I think we were simoposting ojd, so I was just writing that on another post while you were writing about it here. Fun times.

  12. This is the thing with Juliet NOT saving Ben. Why is he so attatched to her later?

    Yes, she RESEMBLES his mother. So did Lockes Mom people say. Kate resembles Annie, Jack resembles Ray, Ben resemble Thomas, Miles resembles Chang, and so on.
    But I truly think, in this case it is going to be a fine piece of writing that ties them together. This episode was so well written it was incredible. They have a direction, and are moving faster than light to reach it.
    We take for granted the fact that we are on a theory page, day in and out, putting hundreds of peoples heads together to decipher a show written by only a few people…and they still keep fooling us!
    We take for granted, that they at the same time, hand us our theories, silver platter and all. And we are too busy theorizing the next clue to really appreciate it.
    Then, they take thoughts and ideas that we have, and throw them in our faces with an almost laughable disgust…

    Hurley: “I have a theory as to why we’re the only ones who can see it.”
    Locke: “I’d love to hear it.”
    Hurley: “I think we can see it ’cause we’re the craziest.”

    Spectacular. The episode with thise three in it trecking through the jungle in search of the dissapearing cabin…lol.
    They could make a sitcom out of it.
    This episode was something speacial to me, and I cannot believe people were dissapointed in anything.
    We saw Sayids life through how many different timeperiods, not in chronological order, and it made perfect sense, everything!
    We were astonished by flashbacks, suprised by flash forewards, and blown away when the Jin/Sun episode went down in season 4 with both. This occures, and nobody even gets how amazing it was. What other show could do that? Easily a 10/10, and in the running for my favorite episode ever.
    And thats a big leap for me, seeing that there is nothing I love more on television, than a Linus/Locke debate/conversation. Two phenominal actors playing roles that fit so well its scary.
    Then these evil writers come in, make the episode about the person who seems to be the least interesting out of the 815ers, and make it into this masterpiece.

  13. nice post walatime,

    a.e.s, i agree with you, i know we sometimes might overreact and lesson the show by calling them fillers, but that’s our roles as bloggers. we don’t always see the prize, but you seem to take a step back an smell the coffee, while my mind races to the next 2 shows as if i’m about to write them. i for one only tend to appreciate the season after it ends and after i watch it each episode together in a row.

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