Revisiting Ben’s pre-316 injury

So now we know that Sayid beating him up based on his “If I ever see you again it will be unpleasant” is out of the question, is it safe to say that either:

1) He gets to Penny, kills her or doesn’t and then Desmond gives her a beating
2) He gets to Penny, kills her and she puts up a good fight and puts him in an arm sling.

Because of Ben taking his cast off on the island and acting as if he was healed, the sling was most definitely not a fake.


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5 thoughts on “Revisiting Ben’s pre-316 injury

  1. I am going to have to go ahead and say that Ben met up with the crew from Twilight while he was gone looking for Penny. Edward was all like

    “Ben, i know i am supposed to be with Bella, but you are so damned sexy.”

    Then they made mad passionate love and Ben recieved the beating you see today. From gay love with a vampire.

  2. Or he could have been acting, it may have been fake, but that’s not what I believe.

    Still don’t have enough data to guess at what happened to ben.

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