What are we watching?

There are quite a few people here who are on the boat of “This is the first time things happen” in reference to this season in ’77. Through stuff like Juliet “looking just like her” because Juliet WAS her, some people like to say that this is what happened.

So my question is: Is what we are watching – the island in 1977 – one BIG flashback?

Is that an easy, simple way to describe it?

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3 thoughts on “What are we watching?

  1. “looking just like her” imo opinion i take it to be his mother he never knew. Obviously now we know he got abused by his dad and had no mother figure. Juliette is sweet (sort of) charming, good looking and caring with that motherly soft voice. Maybe this is what Ben thinks his mother would have been like seen as though “she looks just like her”

  2. I dont think its a flash back i think its the Losties future but in another timeline.

    maybe that is the end of the world when the losties flash back, its the ned of the world for THEM. That is their timeline and thats all there is for them, Sun, Frank etc have yet to reach their end game.

  3. It’s not a flash back or another timeline. A flashback is when we see a character then all of a sudden we’re seeing something they experienced earlier in their life. What we’re seeing now is all new to them.

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