Y no compassion for ‘lil Ben?

Geeze Juliette/Sawyer/Jin – and later Kate/Jack/Hurley are all pretty cold.

If I knew what a creep someone would turn out to be and then saw how his father abused him as a kid (and the former 3 certainly did during the 3 years), it just seems they would have shown the poor kid some compassion.

So, if they had … if they (and therefore Dharma) brought Ben sandwiches, gave him hugs and got his dad some help, would the future have been changed?

And, why, from a character analysis point of view, did all those Dharma people just let Workman Roger treat his kid like [expletive deleted]?

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4 thoughts on “Y no compassion for ‘lil Ben?

  1. Well obviously things would be different if they treated Ben better as a child. But that’s not how it was, and so things were as we saw them in 2004.

    As for why they didn’t step up in ’77, good question. If someone backstabbed you and then you saw them 3 years later, regardless of how old they are, you still feel backstabbed by that person.

    Remember that the things Ben put all the losties through in 2004 was only 3 years before 1977. Grudges are hard to let go of.

  2. From a very enlightened twenty-first century point of view that is a very valid question.

    Back in the 1970s though, child abuse was not perceived the same way. This was in the bad old days before Dr. Phil where a kid who got a whoppin’ was perceived as having done something to deserve it.

    The writers are Stephen King fans and in most of his novels there is a prevalence of small town ‘spare the rod spoil the child’ philosophy of child rearing. I think the writers were just doing the same thing (infuriating as it is to see as a viewer).

    Somehow I do not see Sawyer (brought up in the school of hard knocks himself) extending himself for the little bug-eyed creep. I see Miles following suit and Juliet minding her own business.

  3. Dont forget, they believe Dans, “Whatever happened happened line. We missed three years, maybe they tried to change something and couldnt.
    Roger most likely does what many abusive parents do…do it when theyre alone. Bens not the run and tell kind, and hes terrified of Roger. Roger knows this and even if he didnt, wouldnt care.
    There is a lot Dharma is blind of, and if they couldnt figure out, that a bunch of people from the future have been posing as them for the last three years, they are probably almost incapable, of detecting some behind the scenes child abuse.

  4. a.e.s- im with you on the what happend happend
    but i cant believe that an alcaholic like roger would care about keeping his beatings a secret, we all saw little bens broken glasses. i love to hate Ben, but im in the camp that hes doing only what he truly believes he needs to do but thats not to say i dont think he might be a tad power crazy. and im very surprised that the losties havent been more interested in him since they are at the advantage of planting thoughts into his little boy mind.

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