Whose in charge of Dharma?

Why didn’t Horace go to someone higher up the Dharma managment ladder in dealing with hostiles – especially Sayid. It seems you wouldn’t just have the mathematician and some buds just do thumbs up/down on someone’s life when there is such a fragile peace agreement. It’s not like they were stuck there and had no communication. I’m sure Hanso wouldn’t be pleased. (I sure know I wouldn’t if I invested all that dough into the island.)

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2 thoughts on “Whose in charge of Dharma?

  1. Good thought. In the committee discussion there is the threat of calling on a higher authority.

    I was surprised not to see Pierre Chang in on that conversation.

    Methinks it all had to do with budgeting another speaking part for an actor.

  2. Yeah, what exactly does Pierre Chang do besides the Orientation Films? He seems to order everyone around when they find the FDW. As for who is in charge, Gerald and Karen DeGroot are in charge based off the island in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but of course, they do not have much of a say in regards to the fate of a Hostile.

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