Maybe we have been looking at this all wrong

so i started thinking about this after seeing he’s our you…

The only 2 people that we have ever seen really strike fear into Ben are his father (skeletor lol) and Jacob.

So i started thinking about all the concepts of lost, pregnancy issues, Jacob, the others leaders having to kill their father, and i came up with this.

I am a strong believer in Jacob being beyond a person, as in him not being just some guy, But what if the others must kill their father in order to become the leader so that Jacob can manifest into their father because who else to give a leader advise then their father.

So in a way I am saying that Ben’s father is Jacob or rather was Jacob now that Locke has taken over. I do have some proof to this, remember how Ben’s mother died? On the side of the road giving birth to Ben? Pregnancy problems seem to be non-existent on the island in 1977, but we know their are problems in 2004-2007 and well before that by my judgment its right around the time Ben becomes the leader, so it is possible that because Ben’s father hates Ben so much for the loss of his wife and pregnancy he has imprinted this on the island by taking all the women and their unborn children from their husbands.

We have also seen that Jacob doesn’t like Ben all that much by telling Locke to help him, and then later via Christian telling Locke that he was supposed to move the island instead of Ben, with a bit of an attitude IMNSHO.

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14 thoughts on “Maybe we have been looking at this all wrong

  1. In my opinion, Ben killing his dad out of hatred towards him is the right reason.

    Since Locke does not kill his “father” is that why he is not leader?

  2. Im not saying Ben’s hatred was the bad thing I’m saying that Ben’s father being angry about the pregnancy issue is why there are now no babies on the island.
    And yes I believe Locke will have some trouble becoming the new leader because he didn’t kill his father, although his specialness may make up for that.

  3. We have no clue as to when JACOB came about do we?

    For all we know Jacob could be a personal haunting. I mean Ben could be so driven by guilt over killing his father that he creates Jacob (as Kate creates the black horse, Walt creates the polar bear and yes, Jack creates or changes Jacob into Christian by super-imposing his own daddy issues over Ben’s).

    Does any of this make sense?

  4. does he have to turn the donkey wheel to leave the island…or was he tricked, and we are to ‘assume’ he turns the wheel, only to be fooled again…

  5. What I was trying to say in this theory is that Jacob has always been on the island, but when a new leader comes forward and kills there father Jacob would then take the form and some of the mannerisms of that person’s father.

  6. Basically, along the lines of, if not the same, thing as the smoke monster is kind of viewed as by some.
    I like it, I would just take it a step further maybe.
    He would take the form of something meaningful to the person seeing him. Eko saw Yemi, young Ben..his mother.

    I get it, I think.
    I just have to wonder. What would be the idea of Hurley locating the cabin, if Jacob is in regards to the leaders father.

    Im not disagreeing, just have a few questions…

  7. Jacob speculation is always fruitless! We have next to nothing in terms of evidence or even basic knowledge…but speculation is fun, I’ll admit that much!

  8. Good question about Hurley A.E.S. I’m not going to claim to be able to answer that, but maybe Hurley and Ben’s father become somewhat of friends in the DI or maybe because Ben’s father wasn’t exactly mentally stable he feels connected to Hurley enough to show himself to him. Who knows…

  9. smokey_, I really like this theory! There simply has to be some significance and connection why ‘killing your father’ is some sort of criteria, in order to become the leader of ‘the others’.

    I don’t see Jacob as being ‘human’, in the traditional sense. I think he is representative of a deity, that takes on human form via many people. That is not to say, that he has not, over the course of time, ever been in human form.

    As for Jacob being ONE person, I think he has been many people.

    Nice thoughts!

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