Where is Donovan?

In ‘FUN’ because it is a purely a speculative questions, but it is driving me crazy!

In ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ (Season 3) Desmond has turned the key and mind-flashes back to (I estimate) 1994. Freaked out by everything he goes and finds his long-time friend Donovan. This guy teaches quantum physics at Oxford University. Desmond tells him his story and Donovan assures Des that time travel is IMPOSSIBLE.

Where the hell is that guy now? If you were a professor in Quantum Physics and your friend tells you a crazy story and lays out his whole future before you, and then most of it comes true, wouldn’t you look deeper into it?

It would be a crying shame if they did not at least write a mobisode with Desmond and Donovan.

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6 thoughts on “Where is Donovan?

  1. Donovan looks anything but Irish, if that helps.

    Des tells Donovan about the soccer match and the guy with the cricket bat, but on the wrong night.

  2. End pondering…

    Ok, I think that is a good question. I commited blasphemy in my own personal bible and resorted to Lostpedia.

    There is not much on him..If anything, he looks like Sayids brother or friend or whatever the other kid was in the flashback.
    The chicken, who wouldnt kill the chicken.

    My only problem with Donavan returning is the fact that we have heard and seen nothing of him since.
    Not that he wouldnt make some kind of ruckus, like helping Des find the island, or being Sayids ‘whatever’…
    I just wouldnt care about his character at all. I think its a bad idea to introduce more ‘variables’ (pun intennded) into the storyline at this point.
    I hated seeing Ray. Where has this guys name been? If he is a major player, I will be more than disappointed

  3. I agree about Ray.

    Donavan was probably a proto-Faraday. I figured he would show up on Penny’s boat as one of her collaborators. One who helps her set up the Portuguese listening station or something.

    It’s just that in terms of story-telling logic, if you introduce a character who seems to be tight with Desmond… A mate of his would show some kind of an interest in how Desmond is cracking up.

    I would at least follow up a few days later to see if my buddy is still going insane. What are friends for?

    DON: Hey pal, you feeling better? You still think you’re from the future?

    DES: Hello brother. The future? What are you talking about? Are you bloody mad?

    DON: Ah. Forget about it? So what’s up?

    DES: Well I just got knocked upside my head by Jimmy with a cricket bat yesterday. And I won five quid on Manchester United. Oh, and I broke up with Penny. Oh yes, and today I signed up with the-

    DON: -Royal Scottish Regiment. Ahem. Yes. Lets keep in touch from now on, yes? I am curious to hear about how your life goes…

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