What if Ben is really dead?

Forgive my English I come from Greece!!!

It may sound crazy but…we all know that “hostiles” took Paul’s dead body. What did they do with it? What if they somehow can resurrect dead people? Maybe Richard is some kind of god or allien or even a scientist

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19 thoughts on “What if Ben is really dead?

  1. If Ben did actually die and dying was an esential part of his mission to become the leader of the Others then I guess he died and his death has no consequence. Because we already know he was the leader of the Others so he must have died and been resurrected.

    How are the french fries?

  2. I think he’s alive too… Either way I don’t think it changes anything. If he needs to die to fulfil his qualifications to be the leader of the Others then he did it. We knew he would because we knew he was the leader of the others. If he isn’t dead then well, I guess it’s not a requirement and he’ll still be leader of the Others…

  3. that’s pretty good English if you ask me. we can’t let ben die, he’s like the bad guy and bad guy’s don’t die until the end of the western.

  4. Haha username 😛
    Can’t believe sayid though :@
    I think he myt have made ben go all evil in the first place.
    He seemed like a nice enough Kid

  5. Not sure if this could relate to this topic, but I think the episode 2 episodes from now is titled “Dead is Dead”.

    But on topic. Whatever happens, the end result will be young Ben alive. Whether it was a non-fatal shot, whether Jack or Juliet, or “I can’t perform a C-section” saves him, or whether Alpert, the temple, or someone else saves him.

  6. I think Jack will end up saving him, again, beginning a power shift from Sawyer back to Jack. Sawyer’s plan is falling apart and he is going to have to go to Jack for help. I also think that is exactly why they had Sawyer verbally smack down Jack about his leadership skills last week, so he can have it thrown right back in his face. Afterall, Jack is the “hero” of the show, right?

  7. I don’t remember what post it was but we had a pretty good discussion a little while back about the difference between a leader and a hero. Jack is a hero, sure. He’s great in an emergency because he reacts (just like Sawyer said) and takes action (even though his aptitude scores aren’t great). But a leader he is not. Not a good one anyway. If Jack acts as a hero fine, but if he takes over as leader then things are just going to end in disaster.

  8. Highbrow, I will have to go back and read the leader conversation. Do you know the name of the thread by chance?

    Anyway, I disagree that Jack is not a leader. Maybe he isn’t the best leader in the world, but he is still a leader. People want to follow him. He has the natural charisma that people are just drawn to. That is exactly how he became the leader back in season 1. Sawyer, too, has this charisma but was unwilling to be the leader way back when. He has gradually changed over the seasons and is willing to lead now, but I believe that Jack is about to take back his leadership role. In the case of lost, hero = leader = hero, to me anyway.

  9. But Jack has been the hero and the leader before and he effed it up! The leader part, not the hero part. Sure, people want to follow him… that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!

  10. AES tey actually canged their statement on that because they weren’t going to originally…..I think. Anyway if you get a sec pop onto my last theory i’ve posted some interesting biblical notes…..i think I know how lost ends…..and i think I know why Smokey killed Eko….because he built a church. Richard is ageless God walking among his people and so on….ya know the usual but the links iv got are awesum….chek it out.

  11. I’ve really liked the idea of Sawyer being the new ‘leader.’ The scene where he puts Jack in his place at Sawyer’s house really solidified his role as a leader I felt. However, I think that in the upcoming episodes Sawyer is going to either be dethroned or give up his leader chair to Jack.

    Lost writers are portraying him as a selfish ass who’s power has gone to his head.

    Also the Scene where Sawyer finds Juliette looking out the window at Kate.
    Juliette: “This is all over isn’t it.”
    Sawyer: “I’m going to get Sayid out of this. It’s all going to be alright”
    I saw this scene as extreme foreshadowing. Now that it’s becoming clear that Sawyer is not able to handle the Sayid situation and from looking at the ‘Next week on Lost…’ it appears that the losties are going to be ousted. Once they see what Sawyer has done (try to have Sayid killed just to keep playing house) they will turn to Jack for leadership.

    Now this isn’t what I want, but I do think it’s what’s going to happen


  12. emagic, I have also wondered if Ben is in some ‘altered’ state, such as John Locke, Richard and Christian.

    I think Ben is alive, but I also think he possesses some kind of magical element about him!

    I’m not quite sure what that is, but I think we are getting a better understanding of what some of his powers might be.

    Nice theory!

  13. I agree, he might be dead. Or might have died (does that make him *dead*? – I don’t know any more!).

    I don’t think there needed to be any kind of deal between Ben and Sayid though. It could just be the way it happened. If Ben knew that was the way it happened, that’s probably why he’s been conditioning Sayid to keep killing, while Sayid was trying to shake off that part of his past.

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