With all this hearing abnout someone dieing at the end of the season i feel with the title of the finale labled “The Incident” it will be radzinsky who dies in the season seeing as he off’d himself after the incident supposedly….just another way to make us think someone important is going to die…although his death will be important

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  1. I can’t remember who, but someone on this site put out a great theory that Faraday kills Radzinsky and then poses as him, which puts him in contact with Radzinsky. Faraday is known for drawing maps…

  2. as much as everyone is trying to say….it will not be ben….at least not little ben….if its not radzinsky…i say miles. Did he dissapear with faraday now?

  3. Radzinsky, or the person pretending to be him, will shoot himself after 1991. Since the Swan people will be shut off from the rest of the world, maybe Faraday can pretend to be him. If we’re guessing on who will die among our major players, I say Sayid.

  4. It’s late and I’m tired…but I just have to ask…at what point does the ‘mandatory’ suit thing come into play? Because that would make for an easy ‘disguise’…

  5. I’d say time will elapse really fast to the major points. Since two episodes ago Jack etc. got back, only 1 day elapsed over this episode. I’d like to think that the next couple of episodes cover at least a couple of months each.

  6. yes, however, we could assume the covered maybe 2 or 3 days in the last episode, it’s hard to tell really. next week will be another slow one where ben gets fixed, than after that it may push ahead a few months for the swan to be built to allow them to cause the incident by the end of the season

  7. Does nobody believe Radzinsky is Radzinsky?

    Lol, I swear Im not making light of your theory at all Henry, I just have to ask. Your obviously not the only one who thinks Radzinsky that kills himself is not the Radzinski we all know.
    I cant help but giggle a little.
    If the writers are going to keep him the same character and nobody kill or pose as him, they have to giggle at this a little as well.
    I just think with all the who’s this, and who’s that, it is a little too comlicated to believe that someone else ends up being him. The actor is new, he is obviously unstable…Radzinsky, not the actor.
    He is paranoid, and crazy about the swan. It would make perfect sense for Radzinsky himself to be the one to go into his beloved Swan.
    Or even the fact that he is such a threat to the Losties could be enough for ..Lafleur(..I still dont like saying that..) to make him be the one that goes into the Swan, to protect himself and the losties from the future.
    I am having enough trouble figuring out who Jacob, Annie, Des’s baby, the rest of the kids, and Ray actually are, or how they are important, to try to figure out who someone who has already been introduced actually ends up being.
    I think sometimes the obvious on Lost seems too easy, and this may be one of those times.

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