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I believe Jacob is a person, and not a manifestation of the Island or Smokey. I feel that Jacob will be finally revealed this season in the last episode. We kinda know that Jacob knows Horus, because Horus builds the cabin. Jacob probably is somehow related to Dharma. That’s all I got – accept I believe he is no one that we have seen yet. Hurley said they traveled together to set, so he must be coming up reallllllll soon.

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11 thoughts on “Jacob is …

  1. i got more… more…
    faraday is the 4 toe statue, that promo picture by ABC for LOST season 5 was for a reason. faraday travels back in time and builds the infamous wheel. i’ll post more thoughts later.
    wait, Horus probably builds the cabin as a constant on the island for Jacob. 🙂

  2. the season finale is called the incident pt 1 and 2….oh sorry, you meant series…yeah, that would be cool but I dont want to wait that long. I want one of those ‘I’m getting ridiculous chills” moments where Jacob emerges from somewhere to help the losties against some evil forces…cue cool music etc.

  3. The latest podcast reveals that we will know who the four toed statue is depicting by the end of this season. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Jacob.

  4. I dont see that at all spoilerish.
    I really dont take anything the producers would actually give out spoilerish. Maybe episode titles, thats about it. And even that is borderline sometimes.
    There are some that are impossible to figure out, and some that give away what happens. An event, or a place.
    I try to stay away from the titles, although i have read some by mistake.

  5. very interesting lost41.., i avoid the podcasts usually and hear about them in passing. faraday has got to be the statue and them man behind the time wheel. how he ends up back in 10 thousand BC or whatever, is beyond me at the moment.

    i started writing this theory just for fun, but i think in both cases there is a story that can be built around it.

    a.e.s, help me out here.

  6. Oh man, this is funny. Username, I cant make this stuff up. I went this same direction….I swear, had a theory about ready to go, read over, add a few comments…then, two days ago, I erased it and went a completely opposite direction, lol.
    I now have a different Faraday theory, almost ready, but I got all caught up in the last two theories on Ben I wrote, I was waiting for them to die down a litte.
    Then today Im sitting here reading over theories, and someone reminds of the book Ben was reading Ulysses, and I have had that one in the back of my head for a while, about Penny.
    I’ll try to get this one, about Faraday finished before the next episode.
    I get where you’re headed with this username, and when you see my other one, you’ll get why I find this one difficult.
    I can only pick one because they are very different, yet plausable in their own ways.

  7. Hi Username, I’m new here but have been watching lost religiously since ep one, however how do you know from a promo pic faraday is the statue, does it show him having only four toes? Lost i am.

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