A Penny for your thoughts….

Lets rewind the season a little so when I say this, it makes a little sense.
We know Desmond has a child, is married to Penny, and is NOT going back to that island. We know Kate did something with Aaron, and Ji yeon is not with Sun or Jin.
Back to last season, we know Ben told Widmore he was going to kill Penny. Back to this season, we know Des and the fam, live on a house boat and are in LA, the same place as Ben is. We also know, Ben said he had to go and fullfill a promise to an old friend, and ended up batterd and beaten by the docks, when he was on the phone and later when boarding the plane.
I also noticed the book Ben was reading on the plane, Ulysses.

Ok, back to now. With this knowledge, it leads me to this theory. Bear with me, lots of speculation, but hopefully the facts we know, help fill in some gaps and questions.
There are many different scenarios that could play out. And this, is my story…

Ben killed Penny, plain as I have said it. Was there a struggle between them, between him and Des, maybe, but irrelavent for this.
Afterwards, what we know, goes down as we know it does, all the 2007 crazy things. Return to the island, everything I said above, yadda yadda, Im not going through everything that happened.
With Penny dead, Des is destroyed. My guess, is he turns to either Widmore, or hawking. Whichever he chooses, has Des also contact the other one. Widmore and or Hawking, make the suggestion that Des must return, and take Penny with him. Heres where it gets good. Widmore wanted Penny to be killed in a way, because he knows that if she is, he can convince Des to return, taking him along the way. Remember when he tells Des to keep Penny as far away as possible, its not his fight?
I think he learned something along the way from MR Benipulation himself “Make him think its his idea, when its actually yours”. I think Ben would appreciate that line. Des will return to the island to save Penny. He would return, if they told him, he could bring her back to life. If the island is what it is, I think Widmore knows its power, and knows its capabilities.
I also think that Desmonds entire life revolves around Penny and he would risk anything to save her.
I think Hawking will tell him that he needs to take the children, to help his ‘friends’ out as well.
Remember the line, “This will do, for now.” by Hawking?
Now is past, and later is here. It is going to be necessary for Desmond to use the kids as Proxys. Or at least have them there to go back.
I think old man Widmore will accompany him along the way, I mean, if there was ever a time to trust him, why not now. Nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.
So in the end, I think we will see someone on the island…I have no idea, what the hell year it would be…say, “There’s a boat!!!” And as it looms closer, we may see the silhouettes of people, and as it comes even closer…we will see Desmond and Widmore, side by side.
I know, why would Widmore sail on Des’s stupid boat if he has all this money and planes and everything? For fun of my theory, thats why ;]
Regardless, we may see a merger of two men that have loathed each other for opposite reasons on the show, for the greater good of someone they care about and love…and a little of Widmore’s powerhungary selfishness as well.
This will be how the ENTIRE O6 returns, to fix the ‘timeperiod’ problems on the island, and unite everyone once again, for the war that is going to take place.
Also, Ben was reading Ulysses on the plane. This could be construed in many ways. My line of thought goes straight to the last chapter, which is entitled…Penelope.
Could this have been a metaphor of somesort, showing us that Ben caused the final chapter in Penelopes story…at least unless she is taken to ‘Ressurection Island’?

Im sure I will add another 108 paragraphs to this in the comments as I always do, but for now…

This is my penny for your thoughts…now let me have your two cents.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

49 thoughts on “A Penny for your thoughts….

  1. Hi AES

    I think Des taking a dead penny to the island could be a way the writers go. I like the idea of Des and widmore taking her together it fits in with losts modus operandi of opposites being thrown together and redemption.

    It would be great to see where the writers would take it, maybe penny alive with christian/locke knowlede, widmore back on the island ready for the war and des the special time traveler back in which time.

    If this theory pans out i think it will be for the end game, nice one.

  2. I’m not gonna say all of it is new. I’ve actually heard bits and pieces of this in separate theories. But the way you put it together was nice. I like it.

  3. It has been talked about for some time Des returning. And there is MUCH debate over whether Ben killed Penny.
    I think her death will be the key to him and Widmore aligning.
    On a side note, have you heard that part before. Or another way of Widmore returning.
    Just curious, because Id love to gain more perspective.

  4. i also agree, penny and des are going to play a critical role in how this show ends, and those that are around them will be pulled into. i could just imagine widmore giving des a drink of that fancy scotch after all, thanks for saving my daughter des, your a great son in law.

  5. Penny does not need to be dead for your theory to work. The island has miraculous powers of healing if she were injured. If she was kidnapped/missing it is not a great leap in logic for the two men who care about her to start looking on a very special island, especially with widmores manipulation.

    Bloody good idea of yours!

  6. I have heard someone mention Desmond bringing a dead Penny back to try and resurrect her. But I haven’t heard of Widmore using that as his way back. Widmore coming back and how he comes back are a mystery. Because I’ll bet he could have tried to come back with the freighter or Ajira 316.

  7. I imagine this freighter probably was not the first that he had sent looking.
    Im sure there were other instances where he thought he had found the island, only to be wrong.
    I imagine he may have just sent them to capture Ben, locate the island, then he could return without fear of a plan such as we saw, by Mr. Linus

  8. nice theory AES, i can dig it. So the upcoming war Widmore mentioned is the envedible war that was always going to happen when when Des, widmore and co. show up (with their intentions to bring penny back)…which was always going happen…i think this just caused me to jump the you-can-change-the-past wagon. i’m not sure….

    on a comletely unrelated sidenote: i watched I Love You Man last night, which had a nice little shout out to LOST and the hatch in it lol it was a good laugh.

  9. I Love You Man , I Love You Man , what is that? I know it, cannot remember.
    Bail, I am actually trying to decide about the war.
    I am wondering if the return took place in the past, and the war is between 1977 and 2004, or if it occures back in the 70s/80s.
    It seems almost obvious that it would occure in the past, and if no change occures, it should be fairly obvious who wins…unless change does occure.
    If it takes place in 2007 or beyond, then I would assume anything could happen without regard to worries of changing things and breaking rules.
    What do you think?

  10. Then she turns around, and Ben is standing there. Struggle, murder, enter Desmond…
    Des wrestles Ben to the ground, beats the snot out of him, Ben hits him with his baton,stick thing, leaves the boat…and finds a phone booth…

  11. that’s funny a.e.s – love the scary music
    that was such a good view into a lost flash back LOST logo scroll if i ever seen one

    just the whole idea of widmore teaming with des to bring a dead penny back to the island would be so cool

    what about the kid, charlie?

  12. I will find this book you speak of ‘Ulysses’. Besides the Bible most important one attached to our show. Great stuff A.E.S.

    I hope Penny was not murdered by Ben. But makes sense.

  13. I now dread seeing the violence of Penny’s death.

    As Ben arrives and knocks on the hatch of the boat they have her reading the play “Orpheus”… (about how Orpheus goes down to hell to save the soul of his love…) she puts it down and goes to answer…

  14. Orpheus, transfers to orphanos in Greek, meaning, fatherless, orphan.
    The english word orphan comes english by way of Latin…
    this means nothing since you made up her reading the book…I just cant help it sometimes

  15. So, this solidified the fact that I am not convinced that the past can’t be changed.

    How do I get myself into these mental messes?

    I like your scenario here. I don’t like Penny dead, but I like your scenario in bringing about a clash of the players, on island.

    I need to have some questions answered, soon.

  16. Des’s speacialness gives him the ability to do…what he does right?
    Not exactly.
    If Des has Penny, he is not ‘concience skipping’ through time.
    He absorbed the memory of Dan telling him to find his mother, through the dejavu type dream. Call it alternate timelines, change, or it always happened that way.
    Regardless, it is still different than concience jumping. So long as Des Penny is with Des, he is safe from this…but should something happen to her…

    Des is not as special as thought. Minkowski was going through the same thing, he just didnt find his constant in time. How many others died because of this? Des is special because of something he will do.
    I have to think this over some more, but I think Dan is more wrong everytime I think about him.

  17. I dont think is actually special. The only thing that appears different, is he is the only one we saw actually find his constant.
    When he returns to the island, with no constant, at least a dead one, he may gain some of his…abilities, if you call them that, again…
    maybe even if she dies, he may get them at that point, but I think the return to the island is what will send his mind jumping again…

  18. Of course, if Penny dies, the timeperiod on the island reaches a time when Desmond is there, he may use concience jumping to try and change the past to save Penny…
    and I fear my theory may be blown out of the water if he returns through concience timetravel, with his on island self at the time he is pushing the button in the hatch…
    I may have just confused you more…let me know..

  19. Sounds good AES….i like the bit about Des getting his abilities when Penny dies….in a strange way it actually makes a lot of sense. How funny will it be if Ben killed the Constant which made Des able 2 bring him down….talk about reaping what you soe lol.

  20. AES – my computer has been struggling today. Maybe it’s because I am off track in my thinking, so it is ‘nature’s’ way of keeping me from saying stupid things. 😉

    I have to consider the differences between conscience time travel and then the temporal flashes where everyone and everything goes to a new time. There are some moments that everything aligns and makes sense, then I step back and think – “Why would they show us the differences if it wasn’t going to play a part in what is coming to be?”

    Now I have to go read a few more things on here and possibly return to negate myself.

    BTW – thanks for commenting in both places. I’m never trying to distract people from your theories, I just don’t want to write a novel of a comment and make your theory with my comments all about my theory instead. 🙂

  21. You’re the inspiration around this place! I can’t keep up!

    I think I noticed a trend…my theories usually end up following yours. You lead the way, my friend…

  22. Username, I know exactly what iteration we’re on now. One of one.

    AES, good theory… but you’re going to have to move the part where you said we know Penny and Charlie are in LA into the speculation category. We don’t know they’re there… and I think the timing actually makes it somewhat unlikely.

    I like the rest of it though… Why would Widmore sail to the island with Des when he has all that money? Not just for the fun of your theory… he’d need to piggy back with someone who belongs there just like Ben did.

    I can see Desmond arriving on the island with dead Penny.. he wakes up on the beach and there she is, looking at him… alive once more… then he sees Widmore in a pair of dirty coveralls looking on, shaking his head. Widmore has more experience with the island then Des does… his line just before the Lost logo comes on the screen…

    “Sometimes, dead is beddah…”

  23. can you do me a favor highbrow…please read the post…’how many watches?’ its a simplified, yet overly complicated question, in regards to kind of what we have been discussing…

  24. Great theory! Ben didn’t necessarily have to kill Penny for your theory to work, and here is why!

    We know that there was some kind of confrontation when Ben goes to kill Penny. I presume Ben failed, likely because Desmond catches him in the act.

    I think this would be enough for Desmond, to realize Widmore was at least telling him the truth about him and Penny NOT being safe. It must have floored him to see Ben! Desmond didn’t know Ben left ‘the island’.

    I believe either Desmond himself or with Penny or, at her urging, employ the advice and help of Widmore. Why? They have a son to protect. they are a family! And, ‘blood is thicker than water’.

    I think if Desmond is to return to ‘the island’, it is because he wants to ensure that an end comes to the reign of Benjamin Linus and any further threat he may pose to his family and ‘the island’!

  25. I like it Dabs. It does make my theory work without Penny dying, Im just the dramatic type…but Im sure you know that by now.

    One thing though, doesnt Des already know Ben is there because of the church scene outside, and with Hawking?

  26. lol, yes you are absolutely correct AES! I am so frazzled today!

    I forgot about the church scene. He does know Ben was off the island.

    I like your dramatic flair, btw!

    I want this theory to be correct, because I think you have got it 100% right, except for Ben killing Penny. He might have, but I don’t think so.

  27. First of all since Desmond originally went to the island by himself wouldn’t he not need proxies?

    Second of all I can see Desmond partially blaming Widmore if Ben killed Penny and not wanting to work with him, but Widmore convinces him telling him that the island can resurrect people. However, I don’t think it will resurrect Penny when they go back…or at least I hope not. I don’t like the idea that the island just resurrects dead bodies when you cross the plane onto the island.

    Also, I don’t see Widmore sacrificing Penny just to convince Desmond to go back to the island so that he can go back to the island. The plan seems too convoluted.

    I do think they could be working together now that Penny is dead(assuming she is). I take Widmore as an opportunistic man.

    I have the feeling that Ben did not kill Penny that night. There seems to be too much trying to point us to that…but then what did Ben do? Why was he beat up? How will he fulfill his promise to kill her if he’s now on the island? All questions that I’m sure only the writers of Lost could answer in an informative yet entertaining way…and I can’t wait until they do.


  28. Benhamine, I agree, they will answer in an informative yet entertaining way.
    Unil they do, I’ll keep on theorizing.
    So what would Desmonds role be, if Penny is not dead?
    If Widmore is not willing to sacrifice his daughter, I dont know if he would be willing to drag her dead body around the world to trick her widower into believing it will bring her rotting carcas back to life. Only in the end say, Gotcha!
    And also, on the Desmond/proxie thing…I think it would be Widmore, that would need the proxies.
    I definetly agree, the island will not resurect her, unless maybe she has been there before…
    Either way, I think the bond between Des and Charles in regards to Penelope, is the main jist of my theory.
    I just think Ben did kill her.

  29. I do think that Desmond will have to come back to the island. There’s has been a lot of foreshadowing pointing to it. It seems to make the most sense that he will do it because of some aspect of Penny dieing. I do think that Ben will somehow either kill Penny or have her killed. I just don’t think that it happened on that night. I could be very wrong though.

    Also, an interesting point about her being to the island before. Lock had been there before with the 815ers and was resurrected when he was brought back. Does this mean Christian was on the island before? Perhaps he was born there? The only reason I’m thinking in this direction is that I’ve thought for about 2 seasons now that Jacob is Jack’s grandfather/Christian’s dad.

    But as for the link between Desmond and Charles, I could see it happening, not that I would like it to. Also, I see now that the proxies would be for Widmore but would Desmond help Widmore get back to the island? I feel if Desmond and Charles started working together there would still be that bitter feeling when they interacted, which might lead to Desmond leaving Widmore in the dust…I’m not sure though just sort of stream of conscious-ing this, haha.


  30. P.S. It is very possible that Penny was born on the island before Widmore left. However, this would imply that Widmore didn’t leave by way of donkey wheel since Penny is obviously not still on the island.


  31. The promise to Desmond that Penny will be resurrected smacks of that famous EC comics story “The Monkey’s Paw”

    More likely Desmond and Widmore’s motive for teaming up and going to the island would be one of revenge. Ben is on the island.

    As to who beat up Ben? My money’s still on Sayid. Maybe he made a stop on his way back to the hotel bar for a McCutcheon.

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