Am I the only one who finds Kate irritating and annoying? She seems to be completely self-interested even though she occasionally helps others in need. She always wants to be in the action but then when things get tense she stands around until someone yells at her to get moving. I bet she’s going to try to bust up Sawyer and Juliet.

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6 thoughts on “Kate

  1. LOL, I nominate this…Theory of the Year!

    There’s something devious about her. Everyone says they dont trust Juliet. What has Kate ever done for anyone but herself.
    I theorized and never posted, that I thought she may even be in cahoots with the others!
    Dont like her, dont trust her, and what the hell did she do with Aaron?
    Great question, and in case you dont get it…no you are not the only one.

  2. nope you’re certainly not. The way she immediatly was so over protective and all- Aaron is mine and i’ll die before i let anything happen to him- has always annoyed me too… claire didn’t even specifically give him to Kate, she just happened to be the one he was passed off to, i don’t know, always irked me.

  3. Ha ha. Yeah and when they found Jack at the others’ compound and they were in the bushes and Jack was playing football with Tom and she nearly runs out of the bushes which would have screwed them. When she goes and gets her ex to nearly cheat on his wife and then gets him killed. When she doen’t get her way, you can see it really bothers her. I guess that’s some great acting by EL then. She’s just manipulative and untrustworthy. She’s lied, but they all have . . . ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  4. I can’t stand Kate. Only good episode on her was “what kate did”.

    Juliet’s a bore, too.

    Not one darned woman that’s interesting now they offed Anna Lucia (or whatever her name is).

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