Anyone else think kate gave aaron to claires mom and told her the truth?

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  1. Hadn’t thought about it, but, sure, why not. To whom else would she given him and felt him safe (probably gave him lots of $$$, too if she felt she wouldn’t come back – plus he should have had $$$ coming to him) Could afford good bodyguards. (Not he needed them with Ben back on the island.)

    BTW: Why didn’t Aaron have to go back?

  2. Hi

    Maybe she left aaron in a basket outside a hospital with a note saying:-

    “His name is Aaron, please look after him, his mother is permanently abroad, his father is a failed artist, his uncle is a alcoholic, his grand father is DEADish, his former carers include a drug addict rockstar, a conman,a overeater and I am a killer, please find him a good family and ask them to keep an eye on him, he has a habbit of getting LOST”

  3. Maybe Aaron wasn’t needed on the plane because Kate’s actually pregnant – therefore taking Claire’s place on the plane (if a little premature in terms of pregnancy compared to Claire) 😉

  4. Aarron went for a plane ride OR he is in SUN’S control.

    I just feel like if Kate gave Aarron to Claires mom She would not have felt guilty. Or scared for that matter. But it’s Lost

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