An alternate Reality…

In the previous episode, ‘He’s Our You’, we see young Benjamin Linus, give Sayid a book, (Ben has a pretty diverse book collection, no?).
This Book give, is titled, “A Separate Reality”

From Wiki….
“it is an allegedly non-fictional book written by anthropologist/author Carlos Castaneda in 1971 concerning the events that took place during an apprenticeship he claimed to have served with a self-proclaimed Yaqui Indian Sorcerer”
“The main focus of the book centered around Don Juan’s attempts at getting Carlos to See, a practice best described as, in Castaneda’s own words, “perceiving energy directly as it flows through the universe”.

I think this may be part what is going on. The title gives us a direction, right or wrong, that we may deal with alternate realities on Lost, if we arent already.
Then as you dive in, it leads to bigger questions. It speaks of the use of psychoactive drugs, and hallucinagens, and other natural substances that can help you along a ‘spirit quest like’ exreience the author refers to as “seeing”.
Using the natural enegy of the universe to see and understand everything.
Is this maybe Bens message to Sayid? That he is in a way “seeing”?
If one of my recent posts is correct, this could play right into it.
“Ben, all seeing, all knowing…” He is experiencing the experience everystep of the show. If he lives, and he very much will, he carries the knowledge he needs to become what we all know, and love to hate.
He could be concience travelling for all we know. This…man, is more knowledgable than anyone on the show. Of the past, present, and future. There is more to Ben. Read my previous posts, along with this, and you’ll see, Ben has something that no one else on the island possess, the knowledge to control the island, what it will cause, and how the ultimate outcome will be affected by actions that occure now…whenever now is….

On a side note…this is the authors FULL name…

Carlos Cesar Arana Castaneda, yes thats right, Cesar… Is that timing or what?
he was born on December 25…
He eventually lived in L.A….
He was very much interested in the effects of psychotropic plants….
Most writings were on their effects, and Lucid Dreams they caused, along with various forms of spiritual discovery, such as visions, hallucinations, ect….(Very ala.. John Locke, in the sweat Lodge)
I think Ben is a “seer”, as somewhat described in my understanding of the book. It is described as…A clairvoyant or a prophet. If Ben has experienced all these years, and the Losties are stuck there with a pissed of grown up, ‘look what you’ve done to me, this is why you are here’ Ben Linus…I imagine Ben may feel as if he is experiencing 2 realities, when in reality, it is as Highbrow describes only one, just like the timeline is actually only one timeline, shown from VERY different perspectives. I think John needs to figure out how to get where he needs to be real quick. Because someones going to have to stop Ben from accomplishing…whatever the hell it is he is trying to accomplish.
To my knowledge, there are no coincidences on Lost… and I imagine this will not be one either.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

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  1. Okay, this is one of those theories, that I can neither argue for or against. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m still in the camp that Ben is working for the greater good.

  2. It could be a clue… it might mean nothing… it might have been put in there to throw people off…

    I think an important fact about this book that isn’t included in the wiki is that it is the type of book very commonly found on the a hippy’s bookshelf.

  3. this made me think that when oldham says maybe i gave him too much, and sayid responds with you gave me the perfect amount or something to that effect, that is when he is connected to the universe and sees the energy flow. and perhaps in this he sees bens evil and knows his purpose in shooting ben

  4. to throw a little mystery in…not thats its needed…notice it says it is ‘supposedly’ nonfiction, meaning many believe it is…well..made up, like the possibility of the book being there to throw us off

  5. lost#s, I agree about Ben. Please read my ‘Benjamin. BLACK OR WHITE’ post for my thought, and if you want my follow up, ‘unique marriage proposal from science to religion’…

  6. nutjob? those who dance are called insane by those who can’t hear the music. have a little faith, has lost taught you nothing highbrow? 🙂

  7. i wasnt talking about hubbard, hes a science fiction writer. but a lot of native american cultures use drugs to connect to the earth and find themselves. i dont know the man…i would have to sit down and talk with him to see if he was a nutjob or not. secondary and tertiary sources can be as unreliable as a druggie…hehe

  8. Most of the people I know who base their views on the things they experience while under the influence of drugs spend a lot of time sitting on couches in basements. People are free to base whatever it is they believe in on whatever they want. I prefer to think clearly about that kind of thing.

  9. you seem to be indicating marijuana use, and i sat on a couch for a year or two. ive tried hallucinogens, and know lucid, intelligent, active people who use them on a semi-regular basis. many of these drugs are considered mind-expansion drugs, and can give one greater perspective on their world. drugs have a negative view in out society, and partly for good reason. drugs can be abused, but they can also be used effectively

  10. I have a fairly expanded view of the world… moreso then those I know who use drugs and call them tools for mind expansion… Some people know how to make excuses…

  11. some do, and some generalize. lets go back to lost. eh? im pretty sure drug use is a minor part of lost, as it has been a minor part of my own life. agree to disagree.

  12. ok, not to interrupt you guys, cheech and chong, but i just had the strangest thing happen to me at the box factory today…will be posting in fun on it tonight…i dont know a short explanatiom…but it left me mystified…and someone may actually know who I am…not to mention something possibly groundbreaking on a Lost note..seriously, highbrow, i know you are a day poster, but you wont want to miss this…

  13. Maybe I’ll pop in later this evening before bed…

    I had something odd happen at the “box factory” (which I’m assuming is a codeword for “work”, eh, Colonel?). I got a mass internal email that had both a Kelvin and a McCutcheon copied on it! I think it’s a conspiracy!

  14. Wow, I’m the only one logged in… eerie…

    AES has been asking me to comment on the watches theory for two days now… I finally do and… nothing… geez…

  15. AES, you are now making “cliffhanger” type comments?!?

    Do we even know what time zone you are in to know what ‘come back later’ will refer to???

    And don’t tell me to go sort through 216 comments just to find where you might have left an easter egg for us to figure out. 😉’re the best.

  16. Speaking of fun…am I the last one to have read the “How to make a peanut butter sandwich, by the Losties”???

    Because that is funny.

    But so are you, Highbrow.

    I’m slightly irritated at AES, because it’s actually a time of day that I can check over here and AES is holding out. Whatever.

    Nevermind the greater good AES…

  17. I haven’t read it.

    AES, are you reading this? Are you seriously going to let Kim down?

    I have a theory… you’re posting in the evening because you know I’m on during the day so I won’t be here to immediately prove you wrong.

  18. Okay, I’ll post it in Fun just in case. And I’ll say it’s just for you Highbrow,

    And if everyone yells at me that it’s old news, then they’ll know that you and me both are slow when it comes to the non-essential ‘news’…

    I’m really just trying to keep the mood light as the Incident draws near…and since AES is playing games.

  19. One question?

    Whats the big diiff between Well,

    Parallel Universes and Alternate Timelines?

    I would love to know!

    Sorry again A.E.S.

    Back with the crazy ideas??

  20. Crazy indeed smoke, and a great question.
    I dont really know to be honest. Best answer I have…
    Alternate timelines are what would cause an alternate reality. I guess maybe if someone went back in time, and killed their grandfather. If this feat was somehow possible, and they didnt just disappear “back to the future” style, when they returned home, by all rights, nothing would have changed. But they would have started a new timeline, without their grandfather and all of his decendents, causing an alternate reality of sorts…good question.
    Thats about the best I can do for an answer. This may be a job for the alternate/parallell/seperate/branching timelines/reality experts.
    Apology never necessary with me Smoke, you know that. No harm, no foul, my friend.

  21. Great thoughts, AES! I see this from a similar view as yourself, in the sense that Ben needed Sayid to explicitly carry out the ‘mission’ he has in store for him!

    Ben groomed Sayid for a reason. He always knew Sayid was a killer, and he told him so, a long time ago. He needed Sayid to focus on killing for the right reasons, though. (At least Ben is thoughtful). hmmm…

    Ben knew what was in store for Sayid, and that Sayid would pick up on this vision and carry it out.

    I refer to Ben as ‘the visionary’ of Lost. He knows what role each person is supposed to play, and then orchestrates those events to perfection.

    If there is a ‘means to an end’, Ben knows what that is.

  22. You’re on the right track, AES!

    I have only had time to briefly read them, and need more time to let them settle in and work their magic!

    I also have something I will write and post which will support your some of your thoughts.

    It’s going to shake people up, because I’m about to shove Faraday’s words right down his throat, with what I propose! And it will also upset highbrow’s little world! Which is a bonus! lol

    Glad to be back! I felt a little ‘lost’ myself! lol

  23. Dabs, I know you’ll be commenting on a lot of posts catching up.
    If Im commenting behind you, take your time getting back to me..
    I know you have a lot of ground to cover.

  24. I am moving a bit slow tonight, but am catching up.

    I am so glad to see your theories, because they are fitting in with some further thoughts I had, but didn’t get a chance to expand upon, before I crashed like #815, and #316 together! lol

  25. Once again AES you have brought out some interesting ideas. The writers have introduced a key to understanding in the form of a book.

    I apologize for the length of my intervention here, but…

    I am working on a theory regarding what follows. Will post at some later date. But for now…

    I was reading up about Shamanism and came across this passage which I found intriguing. Though the Castaneda book was offered to Sayid by a young Ben I find the passage more appropriate to Locke. It describes one of the rites that Shamans go through as part of their initiation to becoming what they are destined to be.

    “… It is evident that in order to learn something, it is best to work hands-on, practice it, live it intensely or suffer it. In this sense, one of the primordial ways of learning about a problem is having passed through it and having surmounted it. In the concise case of a disease, surmonting it with good results would be one of the principal ways of knowing it and how to manage it. The ex-patients stop being “patients” and turn into experts,with sources of information about a process that has taken them to unusual forms of living. Contact with pain and death are powerful ways of exposure to knowledge or to the necessity to know about critical situations. The shaman has also been defined as the “wounded healer”, in the sense that the scars are signals of his transformation in the quest for knowledge to cure.

    In this way, the psychoanalyst who passes his own psychoanalysis before beginning to work represents another manifestation for learning. The person who is part of a self-help group shares his experiences and is a first-hand example of this knowledge put to the service of others…”

    -Jose Maria Paveda-

    When we sum up what we know about Locke we get a pretty clear picture of a Shaman in the making.

    We see Locke in self-help groups and in a sort of therapy with Helen on the phone. He seeks out a vision-quest by going on his Australian Walkabout. He lives in a hunter-gatherer commune where he learn about sweat-lodges and the use of consciousness-altering substances. He summons the powers of the island and confronts them (in the form of the smoke-monster and Jacob). He has several near-death experience and a real-death experience.

    “… His activity directed towards healing, curing. He seeks to act by himself being a medicine. He develops a relationship of help. At the beginning of any task, he always has a purpose. The situation tends to be seen al a challenge, accompanied by a great motivating power, and, at the same time, a source of inspiration. From a general point of view, his tasks can consist in :

    1. Restoring health
    2. Cleaning
    3. Purifying
    4. Repairing
    5. Improving the relationships of the individual with his group and his surroundings
    6. Giving a meaning to what is happening, explaining it or setting it a meaningful way

    These types of activities can develop over corporal, emotional, cognitive or social problems. However, what makes the Shaman differ from other helpers is that he uses modified states of consciousness. That is, he deliberately modifies his attention with a specific purpose during his work. During the task, his devotion to it is practically consumate. The capacity of showing selective attention can become absolute.

    The Shaman, while intervening over a body or “healing” the interpersonal relationships, will make continuous references to the world of the “spirit” or Shaman state of consciousness, in which his fundamental work takes place…”

    We see Locke helping Charlie in the purification process. Interestingly, he does not shatter and destroy the confiscated Virgin Mary statues. He keeps them in a safe place. He is constantly refering to a purpose and to faith as well as searching for meaning to the point of obsessiveness, to being consumed by his purpose.

    Sorry for the long post. I just found a lot of this interesting.

  26. i read an pretty cool post on another site where the person mentions that a select few of the dharma stations could be in different time periods and were designed to send messages back and forth from the future to the present to the past. The idea is to pass messages to the past to see if they could change things. pretty cool concept. kinda lines up with that con video where dr. chan creates a message with Lafleur to pass to the future to reconstitute the dharma initiative or something like that.

  27. Could time and the alteration of time be irrelevant?

    Alternate timelines would then simply be different points of view?

    If you go back far enough in my posts or in my discussions you would find an idea I have toyed with since the begining (season one)…

    Maybe all the pieces (flashbacks) are disconnected. The way film making works is by giving you a series of disconnected images and letting you piece together the information to give all of it meaning.

    Russian silent film director Lev Kuleshov put together an experiment. He shot a close-up of a famous Russian actor with a completely neutral expression on his face and inserted a shot of a coffin and screened the film for an audience. A seperate audience was shown the exact same close up of the actor with a child inserted in place of the coffin.

    Each audience commented in turn on how good an actor the man was. He seemed so sad that his wife had died said one audience. The other audience discussed how happy he was to watch his grand-child playing.

    My point, I guess, is what if the flashbacks (and flash forewards for that matter) describe different un-related realities. When you are watching a Hurley episode, for example, you are watching one reality (one solution to the puzzle of the island) whereas when you are watching a Locke episode you are watching a different take on that reality.

    I guess you can tell from these last two posts that I am a bit off my head. But are there any valid ideas here to discuss?

  28. Just to reassure you and answer Benny TN’s question in another post, No I have never taken LSD or any other form of mind-altering drug. 🙂

    Then again I’ve just robbed you of a possible explanation for my often disjointed interventions. 🙂

  29. a.e.s, this is something for you to bite into… the concept of dharma stations on the island being in different realities or time periods…

  30. How about Richard Alpert? He shows up to Ben in forest when Ben sees his mum, and tells him he’s gotta be patient to become one of them, looking like a scruff – basically looking how the others did when they played dress up with their beards etc. And at the same time zone, Richard walked into the barrack areas in a nice crisp blue shirt and trousers, well shaven? Unless he smartened himself up on purpose for his approach to the dharma initiative(?)… unlikely. Or maybe it’s alternate versions of himself?

  31. I like that.

    And Libby is a mental patient in the periphery Hurley’s reality but a rich widow in Desmond’s reality…


    What got me started on this is all the seperate links between the characters that defy any kind of coincidental logic.

  32. The very nature of ‘the island’ and some of the happenings, are of a ‘shamanistic’ nature! I see this as having impacted on a couple of characters.

    I have my doubts about individual alternate realities. I doubt Lost will play out this way.

    I think as far as the story arc is concerned, we are likely speaking about one alternative outcome. That alternative outcome, may be very different from what people are presently thinking, though.

    The one aspect I am fairly certain about is Ben’s innate ability to act as a visionary. He is the only character who has shown he has insight into all past, present, and future happenings.

    Something, John Locke has not displayed (yet!), nor Desmond.

    However, Locke and Desmond’s abilities, combined may be what is needed to rival Ben’s abilities.

  33. dabs, perhaps ben has that foresight because he understands the inner workings of the Dharma stations/technology and the time or space they occupy. I’m starting to buy into the whole idea that some stations may have been created for the purpose of passing messages back and forth between past/present/future, and the cabin itself that jacob occupies is probably the future cabin, and periodically phases into the present to provide messages to those that can see it.

    I believe that jacob is real and he is working or was working for Dharma. he probably took the mission to allow himself to phase in and out of time periods.

  34. username, I read that theory and the part I liked was that the Pearl is sending those notebooks into the future (at least I think that’s what it said…). That could explain why there were a bunch that weren’t picked up. Some were sent before the DI knew they were going to die but were sent to a time after the purge…

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