Dharma Booth Video, a closer look :)

While killing time at work this morning I wandered around Lostpedia, and came across the video clip called ‘Dharma Booth’, the one from Comic-con. I knew I had watched it before and remembered the general gist of it, but I thought I would take a look at the transcript. It proved to be quite interesting. Here’s the first part that made me smile:
Chang: ‘I’m begging you, no matter what’s happened, it’s imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue the research [static] and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. [static] Perhaps you’ll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past and to… [static] Please, please! You have to stop what’s about to happen, you can’t let us…[static]’
Ok this immediately got me thinking about what I could possibly pluck from that paragraph that would help solidify my reasoning behind thinking there might be an upcoming change to the past. Depending on how this video came to be made, and depending on what actions Pierre Chang is about to take after learning of his ‘unavoidable’ death….I don’t know..Maybe this is where the whole ‘changing the past’ ball gets rolling. Which is about 1977, no? I haven’t really thought this out a whole lot, a la it being in the fun category. but I don’t know, maybe this is our first clue to the fact that Dharma is going to strive to change the past. And possibly succeed.

One last tidbit I thought I’d throw out there, the last line of the video is: ‘No, no, no, La Fleur what are you doing?! [static]’………..hmmmmm…interesting.

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60 thoughts on “Dharma Booth Video, a closer look :)

  1. No, I just meant in the way I read her comment in my head… like,

    oh… it’s there…. Then she tilts her head back a bit and opens her eyes up real wide so the camera can zoom in real quick as the sound effect plays… Dun dun DAAAA!

    Oh my God, I got chills!

  2. ha! highbrow, as i said it in my head as i was writing it, i did a dun-dun-duuuuuun. there was no wide eyed head tilting. but there was ominous-ness…

  3. i don’t think Saywer assists in the purge, but he would appear to be in the room when this video was made, which is an interesting tidbit.

  4. The way he says lefluer what are you doing … To me sounds like he had no idea why lefluer would be doing that…bc he knows he’s not part of it

  5. Also sounds like some of the losties told them what happens in the future and dharma believes them… But what exactly was change working on that worked? Hmm

  6. AES is slacking. Where are you? i want to hear what happened at the ol’ box factory today. You’re not busy, not busy actually WORKING are you??!!

  7. Henrygale- hmmm interesting. you definetly hear a 3rd guy on the tape, although faraday seems to say most of it…

    is this video considered canon? how relavent is it?

  8. Way to dig up the past…for a dicussion on changing the past Bail!

    This is in my opinion, a very good shot at foreshadowing the future of Lost.
    If nothing else, someone should be recieving this message…most likely Faraday, (he has a past history of sending messages through time, and to himself)
    and will at the very least, make an attemt to change the past based on what is said.
    Maybe if he feels he can stop the Purge from occuring, he can sve Charolette.
    But we do hear his dismay in the voice, if it is him, which I think is correct.
    The 1970s Dan may have given up, but I am guessing the 2000s Dan is still up for a challenge…

  9. This was a poke at fun, while giving viewers a chance to see a new video.
    The ‘scene’ made there most likely didnt have squat to do with Lost, but the video very much did.
    They show us these every year at comic-con, it is good fun, while promoting and giving clues to the future of the show…

  10. to me… this shows that they are going ot change the future…they are going to figure it out somehow…that just seems to be what they were brought to the island for…also i think this happens soon seeing as changs baby is still a baby in the video so i see this coming up ….say….the variable?

  11. Hes off in the 70s somewhere, most likely off island. Trying to figure out how to save everyone, using concience timtravel.
    While the other Faraday, the one that is supposed to be off island has probably turned into a shell of his former self, confused and nearly delusional…
    Later in life, Sitting around with his wife, Theresa, somewhere in 2004, watching as they discover the remains of 815, trying to figure out why he is so upset.

  12. Also, it proves to me, at least, that ‘the losties’ interference DID change things!

    The fact that statement is reiterated by Chang, proves it!

    Sorry, highbrow!

  13. indeed. changs words sound like a desperate man who knows he is about to die and his life’s work ruined. in chang’s view, the DI must be reconstituted, but does it? maybe lafleur walks in and stops the video, because he doesnt side with chang. perhaps he is siding with the purge.

  14. I’m going to take this opportunity to point back to my theory about the purge. I don’t believe the purge was really a gas attack.

    The DI knows about the purge and they know they can’t do anything about it. If it were a gas attack they certainly could do something about it. Destroy the gas. Get into MOPP 4. Something.

  15. What evidense do we have that Faraday is wrong? None?

    He screwed up his theory tests so badly at Oxford that they were so embarassesed of him that they erased all traces of him ever attending. He screwed up the past by telling Charlotte never to come back, which didn’t set in motion the outcome he wanted and ended up killing her. We also watched him struggle with memory loss on island, during the card game with Charlotte. and now (IMHO) he is probably half delusional, strapped to some bed in Dharmaville.

    Change on the other hand, we have zero info on, and no proof that he ended up in the giant pit of death.

  16. It doesn’t matter if Chang is in that pit. The pit is evidence that the DI was purged and that Chang was unable to change anything.

    Daniel has been wrong in the past. Yes. Everyone is wrong every now and again. Some more often then others. Cite evidence that the statement “whatever happened, happened” is wrong.

  17. maybe….the first time around they didnt know about this purge ahead of time…now that they do with the result of the losties coming back in time they have warning and can find a way to change events that happened in the past…maybe they do change it with the way the barracks of w/e looked in the future time…but something is still not right…the dharma still gets whiped out somehow but they changed it enough where ben never took over and no one ever lived in the barracks…the dharma looks to have just boarded up and left the island…but who knows…its a tv show they cant go any direction they doesnt matter if its possible or not..we just know how the past unfolded and the losties are there to change it…this seasons tagline is destiny calls and it is their destiny to fix what happened

  18. Ok, so the purge never happened and the DI wasn’t killed off. So why did they need to be saved? Oh, they didn’t… well, if the DI is still there in 2004 to push the button then I guess 815 isn’t going to crash at all so none of the Losties even come to the island… but in that case, who will go back in time and save the DHARMA Initiative. I guess nobody will… so they’ll die in the purge and flight 815 will crash afterall and they’ll go back in time and save the DI… but wait…

  19. We’re looking at this as though the Dharma Initiative WAS purged, as we saw in 2004 when Locke finds Horace’s body (to find the blue prints to the cabin). But, what if this is an alternate reality/dimension/whatever and we’ll see the outcome of what happens after lafleur et al. make changes from the 70s onwards… Does that make any sense? So maybe DI aren’t going to end up dead in that ditch? Or they will, but not as a direct result from Ben Linus’ purge. Maybe it has something to do with “the incident”

  20. The problem there is that the people they set out to save back in their own timeline are still going to die. I think the show will lose a lot of appeal if we find out we’re looking at some events in one timeline/reality and other events in another… it’s kind of like cheating. I hope to God Lost doesn’t go that way.

  21. highbrow i’m confused as to what the alternative is. The purge still happens, desmond is still there to push not button, the 815’ers crash, wander around, go back to the 70’s, purge still happens, Desmond is still there, the plane still crashes, they go back to the 70’s to yet again fail at stopping the purge, desmond still fails to press the button, the plane crashes, they wanders around then head back to the 70’s…but wait.

    i hope to god LOST doesn’t go that way.

  22. No, that would be a closed time loop. What happens is the DI is purged, Desmond ends up pushing the button. His incompetance results in the crash of flight 815. Some of the Losties become Foundies and the others become Pasties. Eventually the Foundies become Pasties. They know about the purge but find that they’re powerless to stop it. The purge happens. The Pasties either die or live (living will be more interesting. The show will suck without characters) in the purge. If they live they go on through time, day by day, either living with the Others or living in their own hidden place on the island. Eventually they get to 2004 (and they’re all old) and… on anohter part of the island thier younger selves crash on 815 and do all that stuff. The older versions that have been on the island for decades continues on to 2008, then 2009, then 2010, etc, etc…

  23. that, is one lame ending. All these coincidences adn mysteries, just to have the losties camp out on the island for the rest of time? while their old selfs show up on the island and start the same process over again? meh.

  24. anything can happen to them! Oh yeah, except change…so they hang out until 2004, at which time they will either die, or dun dun duunnnn, not die!. Wow, so worth the 6 years of creepy, confusing story telling and flash backs! Who knew in the end they’d all just end up either dieing of old age or dieing some horrible early death! Where doooo they find these fancy writers?!?

  25. sorry, that last response was kind of harsh. We just got told we’re laying off half the staff in my office, and i’m mad as hell….and i’m a red head. I’m sure that doesn’t help.

  26. Oh… well, it was certainly not fair of you to be a pissed off red head without warning me first!

    Maybe something interesting happens… how should I know? Maybe the season six finale takes place in 2020… then there could be tons of interesting stuff going on…

  27. Little Miss Sassafrass…I love that you can be a pissed off redhead, Bailey. Me too.

    Lookout Highbrow.

    Okay seriously though, I had this terrible thought that produced dread in me today — I really don’t want the writers to leave this open-ended at series close. I don’t want it to be a ‘did they’ or ‘didn’t they’ argument that could continue infinitely. I hope we get some resolution…and NOT in 2020.

  28. I’m with miss_angeles – they can’t change anything really. What is supposed to happen will eventually correct itself (with the exception of Desmond), so Ben is shot but will be saved or someone else will do the purge. If Dharma escapes the gas purge, there’s just something else that will kill them all because THAT is what is necessary for the world continuing to spin on its axis (or whatever). This will probably cause the losties to go nutzie and hide themselves away in a cave or something ‘cuz it’s really hard to not step on that butterfly. (Maybe Hugo get’s off the island, goes back in time and checks himself in the hospital for the 1st time.)

    It sounds like Faraday’s making the video, so he’s in that time so knows how to timetravel back like the vid asks – so the question is why they can’t escape the purge. The Dharma people looked pretty relaxed during the purge, so I doubt the sub/etc. – but, if it was it seems you could get off the island or bring some gas masks or something to escape it … so I’m assuming they escaped it and this is the other thing that’s gonna’ kill ’em all off (except Faraday ‘cuz he’s still alive later – unless everything he does is futile. Maybe he needs a constant like Desmond ‘cuz he can ‘change’ stuff, and he changed it enough to save Charlotte – but she died anyway in the future so he’s going back again to ‘fix’ it, knowing in his heart you can’t really change the future ‘cuz it will correct itself.

    SophieBOYY: I think they mean

  29. take out those maybes, and then you’re talking…I wonder sometimes if Ben even knew what was going to happen. I mean, I guess he knew something, but the way he see everyone when he returns from gassing Daddy…I DONT KNOW…

  30. I wrote a whole theory about it some time ago and I have reposted it here… The Truth About the Purge, or something like that… you’ll find it under my profile…

  31. I’ve thought it may not be a gas attack (it wouldn’t have dissipated so darned fast), but something else … and the ‘hostiles’ injected themselves with something that made birthin’ babies not quite work so well.

    Questions: Where/how did they get the whatever, the gasmasks, and the clothes?

  32. In view of this week’s episode, I remembered this post.

    It could be Miles (not Daniel) who spills the beans to Chang and makes that video with him.

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