dabs, write a theory on how everything is changing

hi dabs,
got an idea for a theory i would like you to piece together – everything is changing, how do we get back to what the future should have been. think about it or not 🙂

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5 thoughts on “dabs, write a theory on how everything is changing

  1. ok, here it is.

    the 815 crash was not suppose to happen. it happened because the past was changed. what changed? likely the purge and the hostile takeover. dharma, who had mastered the art of time travel via the use of the islands vast electromagnetic properties brought this upon themselves.

    how? dharma’s raison d’être was to study and determine how the past could be changed to sculpt the future as they seen fit to ultimately bring peace to the world and to thwart the predictions about the end of the world. to change the core values of the valenzetti equation.

    this power turned out to be to much in the hands of dharma – as sawyer put it to jack, you act and don’t think. we have seen this with dharma as well when they voted to kill off sayid even though they had no proof he was a hostile, they are rash at making decisions out of fear.

    what exactly did they do then? well, i suspect they used the ability to see the future to counter the hostiles and gain an upper hand. dharma made the ultimate decision to wipe out the hostiles completely in order to rule the island for good. ben came upon this knowledge as a dharma operative and provided the intel to richard and the hostiles. the hostiles decided to act and kill off all in dharma who were onside with the plan.

    the net result was the purge and a massive change in the present timeline. subtle changes could be absorbed via course correction, but the mass execution of dharma by the hostiles was not written in the proper future.

    so what now? in order to restore order to the universe and converge the diverging timelines, the losties must correct the actions that caused the purge and bring about the future that was supposed to happen. in return they would be free from the island and in the future they would have either not flown on 815 or 815 would not have crashed.

    how? they must first stop the purge from occurring. second, the must destroy the island or hide it for eternity to stop anyone from changing the future.

    that’s a start for now.

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