Why is Ethan’s last name Rohm and not Goodspeed?

How come we haven’t talked about this?
And don’t give me that anagram crap about ‘other man’ either.
Also an aside:
I want to know what pushed Ethan to help purge Dharma. Essentially, Ethan and Ben have killed there own fathers. And Richard told Locke that Cooper did have to die for Locke to join the Others, so I’m certain there’s something to this.

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

31 thoughts on “Why is Ethan’s last name Rohm and not Goodspeed?

  1. That is kind of the same thing but not really…
    We see Ethan being born to Amy (Amelia?) and Horace Goodspeed. We don’t see Daniel’s birth nor can we actually confirm (merely speculate that Hawking really is his mother…it could have been code ala “tell my sister I love her.” – Naomi (deceased freightie))
    BTW, please don’t answer a question with a is impolite.

  2. Then to answer…I dont know…
    Now, tell me this..How do we know Horace is Ethans real father? Maybe it actually an other with the last name Rom.

  3. Maybe this has something to do with why Sun wasn’t able to join the other 316 losties in the 70s. Maybe it’s because her father is still alive… Kate’s real dad is dead, Sawyer’s killed himself, Jack’s too… oh, but not Hurley’s? hmmm… Father’s dying does seem to have something to do with it though.

  4. Maybe Amy and Horace aren’t married and Rom is Amy’s surname.

    Perhaps Ethan didn’t get on well with his father so he chose his mothers surname? Could also explain why he had a hand in the purge which killed his father.

    Or, the Others kidnapped him when he was little and doesn’t know he is from Dharma.

  5. Im going to go see what the best answer to this is on Darkufo…Ill get back with what they say…that is what we are doing here, right, getting ideas from Darkufo…this one isnt even under Matt..

  6. Hi Coca

    Ethan joined the others at some, the last thing he would want is him being connected to a father that was the leader of their enemy. He probably dropped the name to help fit in.

    Also like many converts (and I do beleive there is a cult like thang going on with the others) the convert becomes more obsessed than those he joins.

  7. absolutley…i will be there later to see if any of our theories exist there…maybe find the username on that site…its not right…its juust not…

  8. Admin

    You may have to explain this to me because I was responding to a question, you and a few others seem to be in a conspiracy theory I am not privy to.

    Whats going on?

  9. The title to the “theory/question” is right now on darkufos, top mysteries of Lost.
    Honestly, this isnt really a big deal, I just find it a little off, that 2 of the theories here are from dark ufo, and after repeated suggestions, in a very polite manner I might add, to not post spoilers, or at least label them spoiler, they still pop up.
    This question in general, really does not give anything away, just steals the identical question, straight from the other site. Its everything rolled into one that bothers me. There is nothing creative or new or original coming from this, and I was under the assumption from the jump, that this was going to happen.
    And by this, I mean repeated spoilers, identical questions, and from the looks of it, copy and pasted posts.
    I poke fun on a normal basis here, but this is not fun. This is someone taking things that others have worked for, and using them elsewhere because there are no good ideas to be brought up by the theorist themselves.
    I dont condone it, and although I know you dont really want it talked about out in the open like this, I say it so anyone who does frequent the site, can keep an eye out for other such instances.
    I am well aware that this show is a worldwide mystery, and many theories are going to be similar, but read the post by Matt, and read the other one by this theorist.
    Another apology is not due to this site…its due to darkufo and Matt.

    And on the apology, I feel that it is easy to say one thing, and do another, it happens all the time. Accidents occur everyday. But just repeated possible spoilers, and identical posts can be something that could ruin a site.
    It has happened before, and if anyone here paid attention in school, history repeats itself.
    But not on my watch. Not trying to be the hero, just want to see this site keep the respect and originality it has earned.
    How would someone who left the darkufo site feel if they came here and saw an identical theory…or worse, THEIR identical theory.
    We would be a joke, and I feel there is too much of a good thing going on here to let that happen.
    I didnt even catch this, others did…no not those others…but seriously, it was a good catch, and I felt it necessary to investigate, and will continue to do so.
    Again, I apologise Emzi, just had to let this out.

  10. Well AES, most of what she copied came from the theories section and the answers section of DarkUFO. I say most, not all. You should be ok so long as you don’t know what came from where…

  11. Some things are not hard to figure, and its more the principal of it. Members asked, admin asked…I dont know. I can argue with you over the same theory for what seems like eternity, and is probably three months, people can make fun of my thoughts, fully disagree, and non of it makes me this mad.
    It really isnt even the spoilers. I shouldnt, but I almost expect to bump into them here and there, even on this site.
    What bothers me, is how the theory by Matt, was not even worded differently.
    The same setup, everything.
    If this is Matt, then I am sadly mistaken, and apologise to the point of tears.
    But if Matt is a different theorist, I take it personal.
    If I went to that site, and saw my EXACT theory under someone elses name, I would want a) call the person out, b)report immediatly after, to Admin.
    It is the most I am capable of on a theory site.
    I swear, there should be copywrite infringment laws of some sort on things like this.
    I expect similarity, not identical.

  12. Thanks for the links A.E.S. – I saw the one by Matt and edited the post to link to his theory.

    No need to apologise, I understand where you’re coming from.

    If he/she’s taking posts from other sites what’s stopping him/her taking posts from here and posting it on other sites? It is shocking really.

    I have emailed him/her though so hopefully the matter will be dealt with properly.

    The best way to check if your post is written elsewhere is to copy and paste a random sentence from it and google it with speech marks around it.

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