Walk like an egyptian…

First time blogger long time reader, my theory is comprised of this. Richard never ages and it has been made known that Sawyer recognizes that it looks like he has eyeliner on. The statue also has egyptian liniage. Is it possible that they foud this island so long ago that it was before christ? Maybe everyone on the island is some sort of decendent of the original founders of the island? And if not that then maybe Richard and his men are pirates that wrecked on the Black Rock Ship? Either way I need to know who he is, his back story is gonna be the SHIT!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Walk like an egyptian…

  1. i hope we get to learn a bit more about richard this season, rumor has it we will be seeing a bit more of the statue this season, so possibly it’s a richard flashback, or the statue is actually faraday 🙂

  2. The guy who plays Richard Alpert just has weird looking eyes. Watch Smokin’ Aces. He plays a hitmsn, and the first thing I noticed was the appearance of what looks like eye-liner.

  3. Yes he has just got long thick eyelashes….the writers just get feedback of what us viewers think and add it in to make it more fun….I think this is also the reason between the Hurley and Miles debate about time-travel….i think the writers are having a joke at our expense because we’ve already been told the boundaries of time travel yet we still argue the point. I think their gonna go wit the case whatever happened happened.

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