Who’s the Daddy?

Just wondered if anyone had found any correlation between fathers of the losties (and/or mothers actually)?

Example –

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6 thoughts on “Who’s the Daddy?

  1. Yeah, that’s cool… anything. I’m just trying to piece together a few things. Like Charlotte – we know her mother took her away from the island and told her it didn’t exist and she never saw her father again. Any thoughts on who he could be? My thought processes are ending a little incestual here – and I never meant them to, but Daniel Farraday and Charlotte… any chance they’re brother and sister? Or at least half? Is Farraday’s father Charles Widmore? Christian Shephard put it about a bit – wouldn’t surprise me. lol

  2. I’ve thought about the Daniel/Charlotte love thing before, but I don’t think they are related.
    I think maybe Daniel just fel in love with her, and when they flashed back he did indeed go a bit mad and warn the younger past Charlotte to go away, thus tying in with Charlottes story of a crazy man telling her not to come back.

    I have always thought that brother Cambell (from Desmons monastry) was a bit shifty, being in a picture with Faradays mum and all. Also, Faradays mum seems to have connections with Widmore.

    So either it’s all a coinkydink, or these old buggers certainly get around xD


  3. Hi

    I think the Daniel/charlotte thing is more than just him falling for her quickly. He seemed like he was holding back how much he felt for her, I wonder if they are together somewhere else – past/future or alternate reality or they are brother/sister even way Daniel knows one hell of a lot about charlotte which i am sure we will find out about.

    Miss A, on the dad side, if we can find out who aarons real dad is, we may be on to a winner – i hope its not christian (spread the seed) Shepard, that would be real strange

  4. i think a lot of the caracters are closely linked, but we dont know how yet.

    here are some wild ideas.

    faraday is charlottes father. he loves her, maybe a fatherly love. hes around in the dharma 70s. maybe he knows charlottes mother very well!

    cooper (tom sawyer) is james (sawyer) father. we know he conned james mother when he was a small boy, but as in later cons, cooper was happy to have a “relationship” with these women.(would also mean james killed his father!)

  5. teenbee – yeah Sawyer actually being his father makes sense. That would make Locke and Sawyer brothers. How did Jack Shephard die? Just drink himself to death??

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