Yes, another question on Mr Alpert.

Now, i know this international man of mystery has us all confused to no ends, but I was wondering if anyone had any theories that could be answers to my question.

To put it bluntly – what is up with his hair?

It sounds daft, but my teacher and I were discussing this today and both of us are confused by the matter. Richard Alpert, I am going to pressume, is ageless. We see him visiting Locke amongst other people and he has always looked the same, in 1954 (Jughead) and in 1974 (LaFleur) and the 2000s (Man From Tallahassee, Through The Looking Glass) always looking his usual tidy, second in command, eyeliner wearing (only joking) self.

Yet if we go to The Man Behind The Curtain, a Ben-central episode when Ben has a flash back to when he was a child, presumably in 1973->, Richard all of

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I live in Scotland, so I get the episodes later than America, although I kind of like that because it means I can find out things to look out for when i'm watching my beloved Lost <3

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  1. What about this RA flashing in time, his original time being the days of the statue. He has flashed into the future and knows what ben has to do . during a flash he meets ben, similar to Locke meeting RA in his flashes. RA then flashes a few more times and ends up on the island in the 30’s. He is then greeted by the families of the survivors of the black rock who are now known as the others. They live on the island trying to understand the power, which RA has knowledge of until dharma arrive and threaten that position. Hence the hostility. No? Just a thought!!!

  2. when the losties were on the island, and knew there were mysterious “locals” that were fucking with them.. the others dressed in costume (raggedy clothing, beards, etc.) to seem more indigenous. perhaps richard, knowing what dharma people said about the “hostiles” dressed and wore a wig and looked like what ben would think a hostile would look like…so ben would talk to him.

  3. It’s a pretty good thought!
    I get what you’re saying, like the shaggy haired days are when he is flashing forward from the Statue era.
    So if he flashes forward to the Black Rock time and gets stuck but knows he needs to help Ben, then he thinks he may aswell try to fit in and so ditches to do?


  4. ekolocation I understand that sort of thing too, the whole indigenous thing…
    But if he’s dressing to pretend to be a Hostile then we come to the usual question.. Who s he really.


    I’m enjoying going through the usual Richard discussion via Hair!


  5. I don’t agree that he is in disguise mode although I understandwhy that could be the case. He did walk, swaggering into the dharma camp to speak to Horace with all his sports casual clothes on. I think we are supposed to think disguise mode.

  6. Maybe they don’t have as much free reign and access (to barbers, tailors, etc.) once DHARMA gets there ‘cuz DHARMA took over all the good spots (kinda’ like Native Americans & Europeans) and that’s what really causes the tension between the hostiles (natives) and DHARMA (see anything by Europeans in that group?)

  7. Actually, Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard Alpert has naturally dark eye lines – he doesn’t wear any eye-liner!
    It’s reported to be one of the reasons he was hired. As well as him being a fantastic actor and rather good looking =]


  8. I still think he wears eyeliner. Seems consistant with him being the kind of guy who would take a young boy behind a wall and take his innocence…

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