Ben’s Father- Still an Asshole

So we see the scene where Ben’s father catches ben bringing sayid “the hostile” a sandwich. now sayid has escaped and ben is shot far from where he lives and should be as a child…

if ben gets better(which i am assuming he will) then his father can be privy to the fact that ben had a hand in sayid’s escape. it would seem an appropriate reason they showed that scene besides further prove what a jerk his dad was.

this will give his father another reason to be an ass to his son, and either use this info to make sure his son listens to him… or give ben up to dharma. he can even bring up his mother painfully again…saying: “you’re nothing but trouble, you killed your mother, and you let a hostile out and got shot. WORST SON EVER!”

ok im semi joking but i think something along these lines could happen next week (not tonight)

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

16 thoughts on “Ben’s Father- Still an Asshole

  1. Agressive Title Eko. Hey interesting thought you have here. I despise this Roger strongly and you have caused me to think that not only may it go this direction, but do we have proof yet that this disgrace of a man is indeed Ben’s Pops. Hey maybe Mr Shephard got around a little more than we know. Maybe he’s got a few Tribes going.

    When I saw him slam Ben around like that it was the first time I really felt a little empathy for Ben.

  2. mhmm. its just that everyone was pushing him having a change of heart, and i wanted to pose another possibility. t-5.5 hours for me. it actually hurts a little…

  3. Im with ya, maybe I should have said Strong Title. Anyways it’s disgusting what this punk Roger does to Ben and I would take 5 minutes in a room alone with a guy like that anytime. Cause there cowards.

    8.25 hrs

  4. I will end by saying this I would hope that he could change, But you make a point of his logic from what we have seen before from Roger. If his kind is gonna be free and amongst us, I would hope some or a percentage can be rehabilitated.

  5. Ha! Thanks for the genius part, but no…

    Have you ever seen Real Genius? The guy who plays Bens dad is in it. He plays a misunderstoon reclusive genius who lives in a closet in that one… great movie…

  6. no…but maybe ill get on it. i just rewatched hackers tho (filmed in my high school, which is a really cool building) and minkowski is in it as the main bad guy.

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