Ben leaves the Church in 316. I think I know where…

When leaving the church after giving Jack the St Thomas speech, Jack asks him “Where are you going?” Ben Replies “Oh, I made a promise to an old friend of mine. Just a loose end that needs tying up.”

I think he is gouing to kill Penny Widmore, just like he told Charles. “Just a loose end” shows how sinister he is too. Whether he may or may not have killed her, she must’ve put up a fight, as later in the episode he is seen with multiple bruises and what appears to be a broken/sprained arm. Also, he speaks over the phone to Jack next to a harbour. This is presumably where Penny had the boat while waiting for Desmond.

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25 thoughts on “Ben leaves the Church in 316. I think I know where…

  1. well, if he did, then this gives widmore an oppurtunity to get back to the island. I reckon he will use Desmond to get Hawking to give away another window. This may be towards the end of Season 5. Oh btw, guys. Are you aware that the last episode (“The Incident”) is Jacob-centric. I cannot wait!

  2. haha. i already did 😛
    i was gutted when i posted this, then read that someone else had beat me to it. I thought I was a genius 🙁

  3. awesome.
    so now that you think Im a genius..we are friends and you are cool.
    As I always say, great minds think alike, and the rest think like highbrow…

  4. haha 🙂
    you could add to your theory that ben is next to the harbour. i think that is very significant to the understanding that there was almost definetely a conflict between Ben and Penny/Widmore.

    This would be a brilliant last few episodes of Season 5. In an interview, Michael Emerson said that the main theme of Season 5 is children. This supports someones comment on your theory that they will be used as proxies.

  5. cool. im depressed, since in sunny scotland, we don’t get the episode until tomorrow on t’internet. Not until Sunday on TV 🙁
    well, i’m off. School and whatnot tomorrow. Bye guys!

  6. I was going to agree but then AES screwed it up for everyone… I don’t think Penny was in LA. I don’t think she had time to get there…

  7. im gonna say ben has no friends,least of all Charles.
    his one and only real friend made as a child was Annie, now i tink he went to go do somthing in regards to her and got injured.
    i could be wrong but who cares.

  8. waycurious – I believe the idea was the constant is there just to stabilise your mind into telling the flashes apart then they will stop abit like what happened on the island then once stabilized it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need a constant anymore because his minds stabilized itself….otherwise your saying hes been having these flashes for 3 years….that would be quite annoying haha.

  9. They why did Faraday need to write down that Desmond was HIS constant? If you just got one and skipped merrily along regardless of the constant’s body temperature the writing down part would be moot. Similarly, some think lil Charlie could be Desmond’s if Penny’s dead ‘cuz it has to be someone significant to the individual, but then why didn’t Faraday pick his mum?

  10. he knew desmond was special, thats why. Plus, not much point in making it someone they can’t make contact with off the island. Desmond was lucky to get a hold of Penny, thats all

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