The “Truth”

Everyone wants to the truth.
When discussing “LOST”, the truth is hard to determine. Reality and fantasy are only fractions apart from each other. So much like the moments before you wake up from a horrible nightmare. The one you think is impossible to escape alive from.
Well here’s the truth about LOST.
There is none!!!!!
The so-called Shamans of the island are so non-typical of that type of being that it is not even worthy of discussion.
Locke is a willy-nilly spineless wimp, who has no idea of how to interact with other human beings.
Ben is a cold blooded murderer, not your common shaman trait. (i.e. charles mansion)
Richard Alpert – aka jim jones. Hey everyone, follow me. Lets kill anyone who doesn’t look like us, think like us, or smell like us!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way Jacob told me kill you.

I have a funny feeeling that the show is going to end and there are going to be a whole lot of angry viewers. Directors, writers, producers, actors will all have to run and hide for fear of the wrath of the angry LOSTIES.

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