Couple of questions.

1. If the only way of getting back to the island was dying, then why did the island let Ben back, or was he just lying again?

2. Does anyone know who the “very smart man” is the Hawking refers to in 316?

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15 thoughts on “Couple of questions.

  1. well like ben often says: “i wasnt being entirely truthful” ben CAN comeback, but probably shouldnt have. now he will be judged. and the clever fellow i believe is either chang or faraday, although im leaning towards faraday.

  2. faraday is now in the past, maybe he makes it off the island to get away from charlotte because it breaks his heart but then decided he needs to get back. he seems to know the most about the island’s time movements and physics aspects…

  3. This is pure speculation but maybe Ben is dead… not really dead but you now sort of other-like dead… they took his innocence and whatnot in the temple… or maybe the island just let him come back because he had to be “judged.” I don’t know just throwin some ideas out there.

  4. 1. I personally feel that no-one (Hawking/Ben/Widmore/Danielle really knows the way things work exactly. It seemed like they were all sort of “guessing” how it would all go down. There seemed to be alot of unknowns/risks, no?

    2. Foucault’s pendulum, named after the French physicist Léon Foucault. I assumed she was talking about the guy who invented the instrument.
    Hawking said: “They knew it was out there somewhere, but they just couldn’t find it. Then a very clever fellow built this pendulum on the theoretical notion that they should stop looking for where the island was supposed to be and start looking for where it was going to be.”

    Maybe she was implying that the french guy invented the instrument for the purpose of finding the island?

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