Lost Innocence?

The island seems to have this kinky thing for taking innocence. There is the unresolved question as to why the others took some of the people from flight 815 to be with them and not the ‘less innocent ones’. It was implied that those taken were told to be taken (presumably by Ben or the island) because they were innocent. I offer the idea that the island needed their innocence.

It seems to harvest innocence like one would eat food. It takes children and rears them in it’s own group of people controlled by Jacob (who seems to be a manifestation of the island, person or not as well) perhaps using their innocence; People seem to die when they ‘redeem’ themselves, restoring innocence; and of course it seems to be able to do things in return for innocence (like saving Ben). Maybe innocence is some sort of power source on the island that allows it to do it’s incredible things.

This idea was originally introduced by Locke with the death of Boone who he described as a sacrifice. Before Boone died Locke lost the ability to walk which had been granted to him by the island. Once the island had Boone’s innocence through his death it was able to help Locke again. In order to cure Ben injury which Juliet described as ‘incurable’ towards the end it needed to take every shred of innocence left in him. Just a theory I’m tossing out there. Any thoughts?

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14 thoughts on “Lost Innocence?

  1. innocence i dont believe is how we would normally view it
    innoncence can only be measured by what we DONT know, not what we do

    if someone knows everything, the past/present/future and have to ensure it happens, no matter what…….theyre no longer innocent

  2. subliminal, I really like your theory! It would appear from what we have learned from last nights episode, that ‘the others’ do rob the children of their innocence! Ben may not have turned out to be citizen of the year anyway, but now we know why he turned out the way he did.

    If we look back on Ethan Rom as a grown man, he also lacked the inner qualities of human compassion, etc. He was as cold as nice. Horace and Amy seemed like decent enough people as parents, so we can’t really blame them for his upbringing. Plus the fact that Ben kills them, which doesn’t appear to be a problem for older Ethan.

    I also thought when the children from the crash, were observing Jack inside the cage, they appeared to lack affect.

    I get some very creepy feelings when it comes to the children.

    Locke has always seemed to be in sync with ‘the island’ and its need for sacrifice.

    This is one aspect of the story I can’t wait to learn more about!

    Nice work!

  3. i was thinking a simalar thing. Good, pure souls needed. maybe there is a shortage for reincarnation purposes. Redeemed LOST souls can be used.(there are few of those available now)maybe “the end of the world” can be prevented with more “good” souls in the future?

  4. “they’re better off now”said goodman.would you want to live on a beach in a make shift tent ,or would you like to live in a nice little house with running water ,electricity etc?

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