Desmond, a “great man”

I really go crazy and can’t stand Jacob theories but I’m starting to go away from what the producers are saying (’cause I don’t trust them). I feel they try and steer us away from the truth just to mess with us.
Desmond has become very significant since his little mental time travel. He portrays a very strong ability. something that would make him into a great man in peoples eyes. I don’t rewatch Lost enough to form a theory here, so I’d like some feedback to squash this so I can move on with my life.

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4 thoughts on “Desmond, a “great man”

  1. I, for one, really hope Jacob is just Jacob. But I can say you are 100% sure on one thing:
    Desmond IS a great man!

    Ah! Just had a crazy thought! What if Desmond is supposed to be the one special enough (as in powerful enough) to fight the war… against Jacob? What if he’s Jacob’s destined archrival or something? And maybe they’ll battle it off in the end?

    Crazy, but there’s a tiny bit of a chance there, right?

  2. Yeah doesn’t Widmore say to Desmond you’ll never become a great man when he’s interviewing him and doesn’t give him any whiskey?

    Id have grabbed the bottle and downed it and said to Widmore “if your such a great man lets see you down a litre of whiskey then!” lol

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