I wish LOST was more like BENNY HILL

I feel like I need to stop thinking so much. I may just be setting myself up for dissappointment. I’m expecting so much out of this show and I feel all the questions I need answered can’t be in just one more season. Sometimes I wish it was like a Benny Hill show and just moved really fast so they could cover 10 times more per episode. It’s like I don’t care about the drama anymore. I just want answers. I’d be satisfied with the cast lined up reading the scripts for 8 hours straight as long as I got all my answers…. Maybe I should take a few weeks off from this site, Record “Lost”, go into withdrawal by not watching it then just have a marathon. Atleast I had a balance when BSG was on. I need another fix to balance out this dependancy. Think I’ll start smoking….

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2 thoughts on “I wish LOST was more like BENNY HILL

  1. Today….Right now I’m with you. Ive been having been feeling this since L&D of Bentham. I use to be calling for a 7 season so we could have high sea battles then go back to Egyption times. Now, I wonder how those things are going to fit into the pace of the show.

    But hey, I have a feeling next week is the week that we lift off again. So keep watching for now, Cause Locke and Des will be back soon. And I suspect some real Dharma Charcacters are coming.

  2. and the temple and smokey might be answered, at least in part… buck up kiddo.

    through struggle we become stronger, like locke and ben. haha

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