Benjamin Linus Is Good, Just Not Innocent

Stating the obvious perhaps. Here’s the evidence:

When Ben was resurrected he was purged of his innocence, knowing that time and fate is in control of humanity and humanity is NOT in control of time and fate. Ben had to kill his father to become an Other like Locke – he did finally after the purge. He wouldn’t of if he didn’t have to, but I am sure he had little remorse in doing so as he was so abusive. It is also clear that Ben’s girl, Annie had a real relationship with Ben, and Ben truly loved her. She may have died or had to leave – he was still holding the doll in ‘Man behind the Curtain’, we will hear from her again now the Losties are in the Past, up until the Incident ‘1985’. en showed signs of remorse after taking part in the purge, when he closed Horaces’ eyes, an individual he obviously loved. I believe, given the circumstances, Linus is relatively a good Other.

He has lost his innocence and will, like all the Others do what is necessary to protect the Island, which he is loyal to. However the last scene when he closed Horaces’ eyes really did it for me, I do believe Ben has become ‘unconcerned of whom he hurts’ because he understands fate, and that it would not make a difference – and therefore he has lost his innocence, and can never from our perspective be seen as Good. But before he was Good, and he is still Good in a different way. Sure he’s killed people, but they were going to die anyway – that’s the nature of the show – fate. In real life fate for me cannot be percieved therefore I wouldn’t condone violence – but in the show, why not. Ben Is Good – If you knew 1,000,000 lives will be jeaprodised in the long run – would you kill 1,000 to stop it? Ben’s innocent good side still shows, and I hope he reverts back to it at the end of the show and reunites with Annie, because you may aswell be good and innocent if fate needs no accomplice.


In order to join the others properly, Locke had to kill his own Father just like Ben had to. His father did not appreciate Locke at all for himself. It is questionable whether this was his real father as his mother said he was immaculately concieved like Jesus. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic – please see my other theory on Locke.

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6 thoughts on “Benjamin Linus Is Good, Just Not Innocent

  1. Excellent theory, I also have always felt that Ben is a force of good. The part of your theory that really connects is the whole Ben losing his innocence is him understanding the inevitability of faith, that is pretty sweet.


  2. It is his real father. The reason that she said that was that his father told her to say that. She told Locke, “He said it’s the only way that you would give it to him.” Also, the only reason he conned Locke was because he knew that as his son he would be a donor match.

    Now as for your theory, you say it yourself in the last line of your second paragraph, “…because you may aswell be good and innocent if fate needs no accomplice.” This is how we know that Ben is intrinsically a “bad man.” He may have good intentions but so did Hitler. It’s the moments where he let’s his emotions get to him that we see the ‘true’ Ben Linus. For example, when he kills Keamy. Locke asks him,”What have you done!? You’ve just killed all the people on that boat!” Ben’s only response is, “So?” He doesn’t even have remorse for what he has just done. I understand why he was angry, but a “good man” would not be able to kill all those people just to make himself feel better. It’s moments like these where we get to see Ben for what he really is, a monster.

    I don’t believe Ben was always like this and in that you might have an argument that he is good somewhere, but I believe all people have the option of being good and it is the decisions we make in the hard times that define who we are.


  3. Yes but he is not a bad man, because the Island is not done with him yet and he is not in control of himself quite yet. He has to contribute because it is temporarily within Ben’s nature and instincts. If you read my post you’d realise the element of Fate. Ben knew the people on that boat would die, he understands whatever he does, fate will always be the same. And these people were trying to find the Island and take ownership of it. He didn’t do it to make himself feel better, but to protect the Island. Ben has parallels with Hitler, yes I agree, but he is a good person at heart. Watch Man Behind A Curtain again and you will understand what I mean. We will see at the end of the series anyway.

  4. And remember this is a TV Show, where the concept of fate and ‘the end of the world’ exists. So you cannot compare this directly to your own morals and principles, I would never kill someone but then again I cannot see the future or receive instruction from a man who can. If I could kill Hitler, I would have – maybe Ben is killing off causalities which trigger worst future events – i.e the DI.

  5. yes, ben has lost his innocents, so we get the feeling that his actions in the future are a result of this. they kinda spelled it out to us, well richard did.

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