Why John Locke Is Special, Master of Fate, Other Theories

John Locke became an Other by himself, out of his own ‘free will’, with no direct convincing or interaction. He could see Jacob without resurrection, Jacob also clearly only speaks to one at a time, Ben is also trying to control Jacob, ‘You can stop your games now!’.

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32 thoughts on “Why John Locke Is Special, Master of Fate, Other Theories

  1. And I meant to say, the Island chose Locke in Season 2 at the start of the TIME causality loop, when he refused to hit the button and contain the magnetism. The Swan was a breach of the truce, Locke stopped it.

  2. I’ve been thinking about Locke’s history too. I think you bring up something really interesting here, the idea that Locke chose to become an Other and it is therefore a different path than Ben.

    I’ve been thinking about how Richard carried Ben down to the ‘temple’ (according to Rousseau’s man) – the same place that Smokey dwells/inhabits and ultimately, changes people.

    I then got to thinking about Locke and how Locke drew pictures of Smokey as a child.

    I can’t help but think that this connection between Locke/Smokey/Alpert/Ben and the ‘he will forget this AND he will always be one of us’ statement could be revealed to have greater meaning for Locke’s childhood that we have yet to see.

    It’s not necessarily that Locke somehow was taken by Alpert somewhere along the way in his childhood (like Ben), but that this connection to Smokey is quite significant as it relates to being an Other, and especially being the leader of the Others.

    We now know that Locke foretold of his birth to Alpert, and that Alpert managed to be off island to visit Ben at birth and multiple times thereafter.

    Come Season 2, on island, Locke stares down Smokey and says he’s seen inside the island and it was beautiful…

    This moment was defining for Locke, but perhaps, not the first time for him?!?

    I’m not saying that Locke’s specialness is the same as Desmond’s, but for Locke, he was chosen, as well as chose his path, from before the time that he technically arrived on island.

    I’ll have more to elaborate later. But your theory is definitely worth considering!

  3. Oh yes, also Faraday’s constant is Desmond. That is why Desmond will and must return, because Faraday will build the Orchid, a self fufilling prophecy and Time Loop.

  4. I’m not entirely sure that a constant is really going to help at all when you’re dealing with physical time travel.

    A constant, as we’ve seen so far, is useful when you’re uncontrollably bouncing from one time to another. Like when Desmond started bouncing in the episode “The Constant”. His body existed in two different times and he needed something to help his consciousness figure out exactly where it was supposed to be. He found Penny and the bouncing stopped.

    But did his constant treat the symptoms of bouncing through time or did it treat the cause? Sure, his nose stopped bleeding and his head stopped hurting once he had his constant but… he also stopped bouncing in time.

    Physical time travel on the show has been different. It hasn’t been localized to one person like Desmond. When we saw Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, etc.. bouncing through time would a constant have saved them? No, because the time skipping was caused by the wheel. Plus at times during their skipping they were in times before they were born and therefore could not have found a constant anyway…

    All that to say, I guess, that Charlotte (Faradays girl) didn’t die because she didn’t have a constant. The symptoms that killed her were the same as the symptoms Desmond demonstrated but the cause was different and a constant would not have cured that.

  5. It will be important because it was in Faraday’s notebook in S03E20. Faraday’s mind jumps about time also, why don’t you think he remembers his research? Desmond is his constant, this reveals why Desmond returns. Perhaps we will see 2007 Faraday visit Desmond because his mind has jumped back from 1977. Then Desmond returns.

  6. Yeah, I suppose he might be time traveling like Desmond did at this time, which could be why they say he’s gone (or whatever they said). But my problem with that is he already knows he needs a constant. He even wrote it in his notebook. He should already know exactly what’s going on and how to fix it. So if Desmond doesn’t come back he’s going to die and he knows it.

    Nobody seems all that worried about him.

  7. Yes, well Desmond found his constant when his mind was bouncing about in time, why can’t Faraday? He knows he needs a constant now, so that means he has to get Desmond to return, so he doesn’t die. Faraday is the guy who played a main part in the Orchid Station. Without him alot of this wouldn’t be possible.

  8. We don’t know that at all. When we saw Daniel at the Orchid station he appeared to be a worker. Pierre Chang didn’t seen to even recognize him.

  9. Well nothing in this show is coincedence, Daniel has to have been a main physicist in the Dharma initiative eventually. Perhaps he remembers this stuff about how time travel is possible because he has done these tests before, or perhaps he is the beginning of the causality, either way I bet you 100 bucks Daniel will eventually be playing an important role in experimentation on the Island.

  10. It doesn’t make a difference anyway highbrow, whether he’s a worker or not, he’s going to have to get in contact with Desmond in the future or the past. And that may be one of the factors that shall persuade Desmond to return, that along with Penny dying (if all this speculation is true).

  11. It’s possible, yes. But last time we saw Daniel he was looking a little frazzled. Swearing he wasn’t going to do this or that… And within three years of arriving in 1974 (three short years!) he’s not here anymore. It seems the DHARMA Initiative only discovered the exotic matter at some point between 1974 and 1977. Doesn’t seem like Dan is going to have a whole lot of time to work on stuff since the Orchid Station is obviously not constructed yet. I bet it took them some time to create all that equipment they had in there…

  12. Penny could be alive. But my main theory is the connection between Faraday and Desmond. Accept its merely a prediction and time will tell, wait until April 29th, and by then I’ll expect my 100 bucks if I’m right and I’ll pay out if you’re right. That is a written commitment 🙂

  13. What if Daniel left on the sub? goes to visit his mother with the losties crazy story giving vital information about time travel which might explain how she knows desmond never proposed to penny, than comes back later in the pretence of joining the DI during thier recrutment.

  14. and i love your theory so much because when ben let loose the smoke monster at the end of last season, he says he couldnt control it and ran with the rest.
    i so believe that locke is very special because he has faced the smoke monster and activley seeks it out.
    Ben may have had a hard life but i really dont think it can compare to Lockes shitty upbringing, foster homes, unloved, trying to fit in anywhere he can and getting stabbed in the back by everyone he trustes. His father stole a kidney how much lower can it get.

  15. Why must Faraday become a physicist for the DI? Juliette was a doctor off the island and she’s a mechanic. Jack was a doctor off the island and he’s a workman. Miles got rid of ghosts off the island and he’s on security.


  16. I’m sure you’re right. Whatever happened, happened. What’s more is that whatever didn’t happen, didn’t happen and whatever happened, happened only once.

  17. look lets forget all the good(jack) ,the bad(locke) n the down right ugly(ben)……..king kong is gonna show up and kill every last man, woman and child that dares step foot on his island……….just you wait!

  18. Highbrow, the show and producers have mislead us before, whatever happened – happened but this could be taken literally as in, whatever is currently happening is happening and therefore 2007 Ben and Sun are in an alternate reality. Faraday can be wrong, we shouldn’t take his word as doctrine – it is just a tv show anyway.

  19. There are many possibilities, we simply don’t know if the reason the Losties are back in the past is so the producers can show us a living flashback to unravel what really happened and why things happened – or whether it is a new plot line.

  20. In one of the podcasts the Lindelof and Cuse said that what happened happened and it can’t be changed. They said they don’t like the idea of alternate realities. If you want to go listen to it I believe it was the Audio Podcast for 2/28/2008. Might be wrong on the episode but I think that was the one.

    So maybe we can put this debate to rest?


  21. It doesn’t matter Benhamine, the ‘whatever happened happened’ linear time line does not contradict my theories. They still stand.

  22. I wasn’t trying to contradict your theories. I just saw this thread going into a linear v. multiple time line debate again. I just wanted to throw that out there so that we don’t have our 1,000,000th thread on this subject. haha.


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