Pregnant women on the island… its been a while so time for something new

This is based on a couple of things that I don’t really know, but I like to speculate.

Ok so Juliet gets recruited to the island and she can never save anyone from dying when they are pregnant. But in the 70’s she successfully delivered Ethan. So whats the deal. It has been suggested that maybe the problem with pregnant women didn’t exist in the 70’s but this doesn’t satisfy me. I can’t really think of anything that would have happened that could case something so odd to happen. Now granted this is Lost and they could come up with something.

But, Claire had her baby on the island and Sun’s baby got conceived on the island. In “One of Us” Juliet suggests that the problem occurs during conception. This apparently isn’t it since Sun had her baby after leaving the island. And since Claire had Aaron on the island it apparently doesn’t happen during the delivery.

When Richard recruits Juliet he tells her that she is special becuase she took her sister whose reproductive organs had been destroyed and got her pregnant. Richard says “you created life where life wasn;t supposed to be.” This just makes me wonder why exactly the others can;t have babies.

What I propose is this. It’s not everyone who happens to be on the island that can’t have babies, its just the others. All the people on the island Juliet tries to help are others. Now the question that comes to mind is why the others can’t have children. I can think of two things, only one that seems likely.

1. Whatever the others are, or whatever they do to themselves in the temple that causes them to lose their innocence renders them incapable of having children.

2. This is the sort of far-fetched one. The others are all sort of dead/resurrected people like Christian/Locke. And if they are “resurrected” or whatever I DO NOT think it is like ghosts or anything just perhaps part of the process of becoming an other. You must die or “lose your innocence” to be resurrected as an other. So, if you have died it would be kind of hard to produce life. Maybe its the island way of not allowing life to come from something that is dead, a way of course correcting.

Anyways let me know what you think, or better yet help me figure this out.

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12 thoughts on “Pregnant women on the island… its been a while so time for something new

  1. after last nights episode, i thought that may be plausible. i still believe the pregnancy issue is based on a time loop and was not always an issue and is no longer an issue after desmond turned the key. check out my theory about it.

  2. Not all members of ‘the others’ have visited the temple, so the idea that you become infertile when you enter wouldn’t make sense. Also, if the temple revives you from death and leaves you forever at the same age, why isn’t Ben a child?

  3. Also, life is in a sense created, as the women all make it to their 3rd trimester of pregnancy, so there is a life in the strictest sense that has been created.

  4. The women die, too … (abt 3 months?)

    Clare (and Rousseau) came to the island after that time period and Sun left before it.

    Alex’s boyfriend is about the same age as she is (but I guess could have been a DHARMA & born off the island – still, the DHARMA people didn’t act like all their kids had just been taken) The DHARMA people don’t have that 3 months & dead thing, though.

    Interesting that the island doesn’t seem to help the others heal, though. Not Ben (though if I remember, he was concerned about that) and not the pregnant women.

  5. Hi everyone! Well my theory is that maybe all the others couldn’t have babies because this people are very old due to the fact that they are in a loop time, and their bodies couldn’t have babies because they look like young people but they had lived in the island for many years ago…

  6. Willis, If Juliet got pregnant that would be crazy… she would know that she was screwed.

    Smokey, thanks, the thing that really made me think was Richard saying that Juliet made life where it shouldn’t be.

  7. I don’t think the others are alive as regular people who come to the island are. Recently, I’ve had an interesting theory about the others. I’ll post it. I just joined this site so hello.

  8. There is definitely an interesting biblical theme on lost. In the garden of eden Adam and Eve go from being innocent like children, knowing no good or evil, to partaking of the fruit and having knowlege and the ability to chose good or evil. There eyes are opened, but this is the only way they can progress and procreate. But in lost, it almost seems like it’s backward. They get to go from being mortal to being immortal, or something along those lines. But even though Ben’s innocence is taken away he is still very mortal, isn’t he? He is in no way without sin, we know that. To me Ben is the perfect representative of Satan. He has his own agenda in mind and he will lie cheat and steal to get to it. But at the same time he will tell truths and do good to gain peoples trust. He is the perfect evil character because there’s times where you actually trust him and fall prey to his ways.

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