Why losties can survive plane crashes

After watching ‘whatever happend, happend’, i think im now quite convinced that that is the case. Its still confusing but i think Miles and Hurley kind of cleared that up for me, particularly when he said something like ‘Whatever happend, happend we just havent experienced it yet’, it seemed like Hurley stumped Miles when he said ‘wouldnt grown up Ben have recognised Sayid when he was about to get tortured’, But obviously we know Ben probably did recognise him but being Ben, didnt let on.

Ok so my theory Ive always wondered why some people survived plane crashes without a scratch. When you look at how most people got in the island it was some external thing that happend for example Christian personally brought quite a few over, but with everyone you always got that feeling like someone or something was pushing them on the plane and that normally they wouldnt have got on. So what i think has happend is Ben has tracked down and chosen the strange people he recognised from his childhood and got his agents, Christian and others to get all these people on a plane that is going to pass through whatever it needs to pass through to get on the plane.

The reason why they dont die is because that didnt happen, if they didnt go on the plane they wouldnt die so Christian, who maybe came back from the future, changed their course but it was impossible for them to die because we know that they must live because Ben has seen them in his past, WOW!

This also explains why some people do die in the crash, because they were supposed to, its possible that Ben selected people that were going to die anyway thats why it seemed like he didnt care about the other passengers. Some people like the pilot do survive by accident and thats soon taken care of by Smokie. It could also explain why Michael was told to kill certain people by Ben in season 2, remember he kills Ana-Lucia and others, this could be because they were never supposed to survive the crash but by pure luck did. This could also be the case for Boone and others. The only ones that we know will definately be alive are the O6 and Sawyer and co. In fact if Charlotte remembers Faraday as an old man that also means hes still alive somewhere.

It also explains why Michael couldnt kill himself and Jack was distracted from doing the deed as well.

In conclusion when you think about it whatever happend, happend makes a lot of sense for the whole history of the show and i think it is pretty much the answer. The same way the losties know about the purge Ben knows everything thats going to happen to the losties from dharma time til now.

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16 thoughts on “Why losties can survive plane crashes

  1. Although there might be something else behind it, I have to agree with Desmond. I think the plane crashed because he didn’t put the numbers in in time and it messed up the electromagnetism. Not only did it physically cause the plane to crash but in some way it also made the island visible.

    I do totally agree though that Ben does recognize the losties from his past but just doesn’t let on.

  2. Thanks for the comment, but im not sure im convinced Desmond caused the crash, what about flight 316? there was no button pressing and no Desmond on the island then.
    I think the crash is more to do with what Ms Hawking was talking about when she tells the O6 about how the island moves and its possible to calculate it. Thats how they got on the island the second time we no that for a fact so im pretty sure thats how it happend the first time. But there is something about Desmond and im not really sure what it is…

  3. Flight 316 was different because the Swan Station was nothing more than a really dense metal ball when they flew overhead. There was nothing to keep the island hidden. I think part of what the Swan did was to keep that window closed. Now that the window is open all you need to do to get to the island is to know where and when to be to fly through it.

  4. Apparently Ben DID remember who they are though. I think it was season 2 or so, but Ben had those that are currently in the past kidnapped and no one ever knew why they were kidnapped.

  5. The only rub here is Richard flat out says that Ben won’t remember what happened. He becomes one of them, loses his innocence and won’t remember. So unless he’s told who’s involved it’s not that he’s not letting on, he truly doesn’t know who they are. I’m sure he’s told something, but still left in the dark to an extent.

  6. rls, i think Richard was refering to Ben not remembering how he got better, i dont think he means that hes literally going to wipe out his memory, i maybe wrong come the next episode.
    Also in ‘hes our you’ older Ben says to Sayid in santa domingo ‘you are a killer’ with a weird Ben like certainty, after the ending i took this to mean that Ben knows hes a killer because he remembers that Sayid shot him when he was a kid.

  7. I think Ben is remembering that Sayid demonstrated that he is capable of horrible things when he was in the Iraqi Army and that he was, in fact, a killer for Ben.

  8. Highbrow yes that is possible, but i just think that the 2 incidents are too close together, Ben telling Sayid he knows hes a killer and Ben as a kid getting shot by Sayid are in the same episode, so its a bit of a coincidence that the writers would do this if there was absolutely no connection between Bens statement and Sayids action.

  9. mhmm. but unless the losties leave the past now…ben can still talk to them, and even start manipulating them to get info on the future because he is no longer innocent…

    on another note, ben never told michael to kill ana lucia or libby, ben even says that exact line. michael did it out of desparation

  10. I think Ben’s line was foreshadowing. It didn’t reveal anything to us about Sayid that we (or Ben) didn’t already know based on what we saw before we knew the Sayid had traveled back to 1977.

  11. lol Eko, he probably will start manipulating, Ive always got the impression that present day Ben knows the losties a lot better than just reading their files.

    Wasnt sure who Ben told Michael to kill but the point is he told him to kill someone, and furthermore he couldve known how Michael would react, maybe!

  12. yeah just seemed to be the main theme of the episode. also, christian got ana lucia on the plane, and she ended up dying. she probably had a role to play before dying…like michael. i think although who died is important, its also important what they did before they died.

  13. No doubt eks, it could be that Ben picked certain people that can do certain tasks. In the example of Ana-Lucia, maybe she was supposed to die anyway but Ben saved her because she could perform some task on the island after which she would have to die, cant remember what task she did on the island though.

  14. hmm she killed goodwin, that seemed to help ben out cuz he liked juliet. she also killed shannon… hmm she helped sayid find the balloon, and stole sawyers gun after taking advantage of him. hehe

  15. Yeah im sure Sawyer felt terrible at being taken advantage of, lol.
    But yeah she definately had an impact which couldve benefited Ben and maybe the island by killing people that stayed alive..

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