I didn’t kill her, you did.

The conversation between Ben and Widmore has always been a pretty hot topic. One thing I never quite understood was when Widmore told Ben “I didn’t kill her, you did.” What exactly did he mean by this? Was he saying she died because Ben didn’t give himself up quick enough and if so how did he find out about this with Keamy dying and all unless Keamy told WIdmore before he died. I don’t know I just always thought there was something more behind that comment, what do you think?

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4 thoughts on “I didn’t kill her, you did.

  1. By sending someone like Keamy Widmore got Alex killed. It seems that there wa an unspoken truce between the two of them (perhaps because they both had led the others) that they wouldn’t do anything cruel to each other to get power. Evil yes but cruel no. Killing the other one’s daughter was against the rules. However Widmore contends that it was Ben’s inaction that got Penny killed.

    I think they’re both too evil for their own good.

  2. I think on this one its an action that Ben has taken that has lead to her death. Something he did in the past that has lead to the events that have occured and her death.

    I do not know what the action is but he broke the rules and he now needs to be judged.

  3. Okay, still new to this but I’ve been thinking about this today. Ben broke the rules because Ben is NOT a father he is a kidnapper. Alex is NOT his daughter. So hence….

  4. I feel that the agreement involves not harming one another’s families,but is part of a larger set of rules determine by the Island. Alex died because Ben usurped Charles Widmore’s rule, or tricked him into leaving the Island. Whatever rules specifically were broken lead to Widmore blaming Ben for allowing this to get to the point where Alex died. Ben may be atoning for sins of the far past, or perhaps that Marina scene is indeed the aftermath of Penny’s murder.

    Time will tell!

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