I Know

I don’t know if you guys know . Bad me if you do. Everyone is saying Ben has killed Penny which i believe. Know didn’t Desmond make a promise to not go back to the island. Ben must have killed Penny to get Desmond back to the island as he has not finished whatever he needs to do.

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7 thoughts on “I Know

  1. I hope penny is not dead, i like her and desmond and i want to see things work out for them. However from what i read I don’t it think will.

  2. agreed. very alive. in fact im not so sure that ben was at the docks for penny… could be one of those things where they try to make you think along those lines but its someone elses boat.

  3. Ben obviously had other business at the marina. If he knew that Desmond and Penny were there then why the heck would he have Jack and crew meet him there? So they could run into Des, Penny and Charlie on their way back from getting ice cream? I think he would want to stay as far away as possible until he was ready to take care of business. Besides, I don’t think the timing works and Penny is probably not even in the US.

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