any signifacance?

“through the looking glass” flash forward, jack is “drunk” at the hospital. he shouts at Dr Hamill, the new surgeon,” call my father, upstairs”

“ji yeon” flash forward, sun is having her baby, she asks them to get jin . the doctor assures her they’re trying to reach him.

we Know, or assume, christian and jin are dead off island at this time,are these “slips” important?

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9 thoughts on “any signifacance?

  1. Yeah, I think Jacks line was to show that he’s a crazy, drunk, drug addict who doesn’t have a clue where he is, what’s going on or where his razor is.

    Sun was going on about that because we the viewer are supposed to believe that Jin is coming and that they are both present in the flash forward (meaning they both escape the island). We later find out that Jin didn’t escape. Sun saying that is written off as something crazy ladies say when they’re having a baby.

  2. but why would the doctor lie and tell her they’re trying to reach him? tell her the meds are making her confused, or ,to concentrate on the birth ,or just ignore her. not lie?

  3. maybe the doctor replied “would you like tonic water with that? ” highbrow, do you appreciate that type of humour or is it to british for you?

  4. Is tonic water that stuff that tastes like dish soap?

    I may be separated by a few generations too many from my British ancestors to truly appreciate the humor.

  5. i don’t think the doctor had any real idea of who her husband was, and if he was in fact even around. He said it to her to calm her down. After all she is about to push something the size of a watermelon out something the size of a grape, if she thinks her husband is coming, then so be it!

    Apologizing ahead of time for that uncomfortable visual Highbrow.

  6. Yeah I do think it was just “bedside manner”… you don’t argue with a pregnant woman and certainly a doctor would know better. We can imagine a scene were the nurse is telling Sun, “you kept calling out for your husband, he’s dead isn’t he?”

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