My theory on time travel and the conclusion of the show.

Hello all, this is my first post so please be gentle! I have been a lurker here for a while and have decided to put my thoughts down. After many discussions with work friends, i can now say exactly what i think is going on and ultimately how the show will end. OK, here goes.

Regarding time travel, i think that both schools of thought are correct on this one to a certain degree, i.e. whatever happened, happened but also that the past CAN be changed. Much like a previous post i read, Desmond has made minor course corrections to the timeline we know by his actions in the past. The thing is, as also stated previously, the writers of Lost have ways of throwing curve balls in when you least expect it.

It was very interesting to see how the Ben story played out last week and i myself blame Jack for the reason why Ben had to be taken to Richard. If he had helped and operated on Ben then Ben may well have never become an Other. Also, Sawyers and Kate’s involvement was paramount as they took Ben to Richard Alpert. Again, a direct result of Jack’s refusal to help (yeah, ok i know that if Sayid hadn’t shot him in the first place we wouldn’t be having this conversation but you get my point). In this particular storyline, the fact that the Losties are in the past and interfered (although “correctly” if you will) in things in the past, the “past” has been played out as it should and how we and the Losties knew it should.

Now, although all the above is obvious, it is a prime example of whatever happened, happened. BUT, and this is a big but, it IS possible for the Losties to change the timeline altogether, despite what Eloise Hawking bangs on about course correction and i do think the writers are deliberately trying to throw people off the scent and will throw in a MAJOR alternate timeline as a result of one of the Losties actions. In countless Sci-Fi shows and films, many have shown subtle changes to the time line and that is what i think will happen in Lost. For example, in the Stargate SG1 episodes Moebius Part 1 and 2 (and i quote from Wikipedia): SG-1 uses an Ancient Puddle Jumper to time-travel back to ancient Egypt to recover a ZPM. However, they cause Ra to take the Stargate at Giza with him when he leaves Earth, altering the future so the SGC doesn’t exist, and then in the second part, an alternate-reality SG-1 must go back in time and fix the past to save the future. In the process, the team must re-recruit Teal’c and find the real Daniel Jackson, who is still in ancient Egypt. SG1 get the timeline back on track but with subtle changes – they changed the past.

In Back to the future, Marty McFly changed the past in several instances, such as running over a pine tree that was to be the name of a mall car park which was changed in the future, his Dad became more confident in the future because of Marty’s actions in the past which ended with his Dad knocking out his high school bully, Biff Tannen. I could go on but you get my drift, it is possible to change the past (if you think about this, they hinted at this when Hurley said to Miles “how come Ben didn’t recognise the guy that shot him when he met him in the future”) although admittedly there is another school of thought that says because it hadn’t “happened” yet then Ben will only remember Sayid, basically, when he wakes up on the bed with Locke looking at him at the end of Whatever happened, happened (much like Desmonds “dream”).

Anyway, after all that rambling, here is how i think the show will end. I do hope no-one has come up with this theory so far! I think that in the last ever episode a Lostie (maybe Desmond, Jack or Hurley, not sure yet) will end up at the same time zone as the Desmond who was too late to enter the numbers which led to the crash of flight 815. I think this Lostie will enter the numbers into the computer in the hatch in time to stop the pulse that brought the plane down in the first place. I think that one of the last scenes you will see is Oceanic 815 flying safely over the island and away into the distance with all our Losties sitting blissfully unaware in the plane on what they have just been saved from. Thats my theory anyway! Cheers!

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34 thoughts on “My theory on time travel and the conclusion of the show.

  1. Roadrunner, I absolutely love this theory! If Lost ended the way you have described, I would not be unhappy at all.

    Your theory is also very well written and articulated!

  2. The only problem is that it would fly in the face of what the show runners say they want to avoid. Which is to make all those heart wrenching moments, particularly deaths, to become undone.

  3. Glad you liked it Dab! I see what you are saying lost4815162342 but maybe again this is something the producers are saying to put us off the scent. It wouldnt be a Bobby Ewing shower moment really as i think it would be a huge build up to it. A bit like the ending me the butterfly effect if you have seen that great film, where the audience know what should have happened but the characters dont. Anyway, all will be revealed soon! By the way, has anyone else thought that Charles Widmore may be Daniels father? May explain why Eloise left the island. Just a thought.

  4. Roadrunner, while I definitely want to see the science vs. faith issues addressed, and I am certain they will be, I must say that having the last shot of Desmond would be brilliant!

    The Butterfly Effect is one of my favourite movies. I think the reason, the movie resonates so much with people is, that we would all like the chance, if it were possible, to go back in time, and change things.

  5. I think they will have to have an acute awareness of having the ability to change what went wrong. I don’t see this changing by accident…I just don’t know, but you could be onto something!

  6. Excellent point highbrow but by Jack thinking doing nothing would change the future events actually played out as they should. If anyone is as sad as me and used to watch Star Trek TNG, it reminds me of an episode called cause and effect. The enterprise crew knew they had to change the future to avoid dying and ultimately getting caught up in a temporal causality loop. They had to work out whether to either basically do nothing or do something to break the loop and change the future. Fascinating stuff but me thinks that the losties may have to wait for something to happen that they KNOW they can change that will effect the future.

  7. Roadrunner….I totally love this idea. Total speculation on my part, but if this did happen, my money is on Locke.

    Remember him banging on the hatch, yelling, “Why? Why are you doing this to me? This was my destiny!!”.

    Then in Flashes Before Your Eyes, Desmond tells him, “You’ve killed us all.”

    I think that it will be Locke. We will see someones legs moving through the jungle, walking into the hatch, hands pulling out the chair from the computer, hands typing in the numbers, camera pans up and we see Locke’s face, camera pulls in closer and closer focusing on his in. Black Screen “Lost”.

    Yes John, “Destiny is a fickle bitch.”

    Love It!!!!!!!

  8. You should be a Lost writer hurleybird! Yes i can see it now and i wouldnt wager against it being Locke either. If that did happen though then i would imagine the Locke in the hatch would cease to exist as soon as the enter button was pressed and the Locke from 2004 would be sitting on the plane with all the other Losties, once again, paralysed. Poor John!

  9. i like your theory, but for me the ending would be more dramatic if the plane crashes into the sea, just as reported by the press (not really a hoax all along?)

  10. teenbee….man, that would be dark, but very good and very sad. I don’t want Hurley to die Dude. I want him to live happily ever after with Libby and use his money to hire Kate a really, really good lawyer.

  11. Yes, if the Losties knew they had to change something then it would definitely work in favor of the change theories… but here’s the thing. They would have to know what they did in 1977. Not entirely impossible since they came from 2005 but since they were all surprised to find themselves in 1974 then I’d guess that none of them have any knowledge of their actions in the ’70s. Therefore how would they know what to change? Jack gave it a shot but by not knowing what he did he didn’t know what to do differently. He did nothing because he assumed that he had done something to help (when he was seeing things from the 2005 point of view). He was wrong though. Because he didn’t know what he did all he could do it what he did.

  12. I think that Daniel will figure it out. He wasn’t snooping around the Orchid for nothing. Daniel said, “Oh, my god.” when he saw the Orchid. God Help Us All.

  13. Yeah see what you are saying highbrow. If they wait till the purge though i think that they would be able to stop Ben gassing everyone by acting as a surprise element, like Jean Claude Van Damme did in Timecop. If they know when the purge is coming then they may be able to do something about it. Not sure where Christian, Jacob and indeed the Black Rock fit into everything though but i do think that we haven’t seen the last of time travel.

  14. The purge is a funny thing though. Chang confirmed for us in the DHARMA Booth Video (hereby referred to as the DBV) that the DI did in fact know about the purge. They knew it was coming and they knew they couldn’t escape it. I have a theory about that and I posted it on this site some time ago. I don’t believe the purge was a gas attack at all… maybe just Ben killing his pops. Anyway, they know but they can’t stop it.

  15. remember when desmond first meets locke in hatch, he asks locke if he is “him” but locke fails to answer riddle correctly. does this fit in somewhere in this theory?

  16. Desmond was asking Locke if he was there to replace him. The riddle was a code. It’s a dumb code so I think Radzinski probably came up with it. But Inman asked Desmond the same thing.

    Inman to Desmond: What did one snowman say to the other?

    Desmond to Locke: What did one snoowan say to the uddah?

  17. The writers have said that the show will end somewhere outside of the Crab Nebula (not that you can believe them). But maybe a clue. Maybe it’s not fertility that’s the problem. Maybe we learn that if that bomb goes off, the magnitude of the explosion when combined with the exotic dark matter of the Orchid will cause the explosion to be the force of a supernover and…Boom….bye, bye earth. Just throwin’ stuff out there.

  18. HurleyBird, this is something I speculated upon in a theory I wrote about ‘Jughead’ after it aired.

    It’s still an idea I am holding onto. There has to be some significance to it for the writers to put it into the story, and devote an episode to it.

  19. highbrow….have you got snowballs man!

    sorry i thought you were telling me a joke!

    did you get the one about ” gin & tonic? ”
    or is it just a british drink?

  20. dabs….I think your right. Definitely an idea worth holding on to. I hope it is something major like fertility issues or big bang. I have always hated he idea of time travel. Just think that there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. It’s kind of like messing around in God’s territory. It is just a tv show, but I would hate it if the whole reason people are manipulating time is somthing as stupid as, “We just thought it would be fun to see what happened.”.

  21. And p.s. dabs….thanks for all the positive feedback you have been giving me. It has gone unnoticed or unnappreciated. Namaste and good luck.

  22. Roadrunner…Start with the bad, I dont agree at all with your ending…Ok, Im done with that part…

    The good…well great…
    If you have been here for oh…five minutes, you will know I am a full supporter of ‘change’.
    I love your view of the ‘curveballs’ pitched by the writers(something I preach here often)…and the idea of changing things more than once…if its possible to change the past, why couldnt it happen more than one time…
    I have had thoughts that what the Losties, be it Desmond or Locke or Ben, whoever it is that ultimately causes signifigant change, are actually fixing something that was already broken…as in they are not changing anything to make it different than it is supposed to be, they are changing it back to how it is supposed to be.
    Which in turn, leads to my prediction of the end of the show, that ends much differently than your version…but the same principal leading to this change or correction.
    Great job…

  23. Sorry if I’m repeating, I skipped to the end to write my thoughts before I pass out for the night.
    The biggest part of this is Ben may NOT remember Sayid shooting him. Richard clearly states he won’t have a memory of this. when Hurley asked why Ben wouldn’t remember him, it was immediately answered by Richard at the end of last weeks. We’ll find out soon enough if that little deciding factor holds water.

  24. So, I’m really not one to put down any theories, because they’re all interesting and thought-provoking and people take a lot of time with them. I did like yours, but I just don’t understand the end. Tell me if I’ve interpreted it correctly…
    If a Lostie ends up in the same time zone with Desmond, and punches in the numbers, and the flight is safe…does that mean the Losties on the plane will have no recollection of everything that has happened on this show? The time travel on the island back to the 70s? Them being there in 2004? I guess my mind is just foggy at the moment. Can you explain it further? Thanks!

  25. Teenbee, people drink it here but not as much… I can’t stand gin. I’m a whiskey drinker. I think gin and tonic is as British as warm beer…

  26. rlsundberg, I believe Ben has used ‘the losties’ as a source of information, and brought through those thoughts to the future.

    That’s why Ben is always one step ahead of everyone. This could be a small part, of how he has broken the rules.

  27. Dabs, Ben might have a little information he remembers from the Losties but he knows a lot of stuff that they never would have been able to tell him. Remember his conversation with Keamy? He knew everything about that guy! Even that he was the youngest First Sergeant in the history of the United States Marine Corps.

  28. iheartbenlinus. With regard to your question the answer is yes. If the show were to end how i predict then none of then would have any knowledge of anything that happened in the show. While i am not sure i even like this ending it is a possible conclusion. There are so many questions to be answered, and surely they cant answer them all, but as the makers of the show have said the show will come to a dramatic and shocking conclusion at the end of season 6. This would certainly be a shocking finale, and much like the butterfly effect ending as i said before.

  29. highbrow, it’s quite true that Ben has many sources for his information. I only mentioned one of them.

    It would appear that ‘the others’ have a large network of people who work for them, in addition to monitoring the people they want to, and gathering information on them.

  30. I like this theory but I reckon there could be more to it than this.. Perhaps your theory is only going to be half true, what if one of the losties are trying their hardest to make sure the plane doesn’t crash by pressing the button but for some other unnamed reason the other losties know they have to sacrifice themselves and allow the plane to crash.. say one reason is based on science and Desmond or Jack are trying to press the button to make sure they plane crashes and they other reason is one based on faith and has Locke trying to allow the plane to crash and sacrifice everyone on it for a greater cause…? sacrifice is a key principle on religion.. just an idea guys 🙂

  31. I like this theory and the adding of someone from the Losties being the one that knows what happens. I ultimately think that person will be Locke. I think that because he has been someone back and forth between believing in the island and not believing in the island.

    If I remember correctly, Locke was the only one in there when Desmond shows him that not entering the code caused the 815 to crash. So Locke would be the only one to know this detail. It will be complex because he is the same Locke who refused to push the button and set all of this stuff in motion again.

    He did want to spend time on that Australian Adventure with just him and nature so I don’t know that he would be unhappy on the island by himself.

    What’s tricky with this thought is that I also don’t think Locke would press the button for Eternity and become “trapped” like Jacob in a cabin…. So not pressing the button again would ultimately cause some other effect, or would it?

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