March Has 32 Days….

So, i know it’s really bad to take things from other LOST sites, but i thought this was interesting, and since it’s not someone else’s actual theory, i copied and pasted it here 🙂

The episode was first broadcast on April 1st, 2009 (i.e., March 32nd), and it shares the central theme of the story March Has 32 Days from Mystery Tales No. 40, the comic book that was one of Richard’s items presented to John Locke as a test in “Cabin Fever”. In the 1956 story, a time traveler tries to alter history when he relives a day in his own past after struggling with the question of whether it would be possible to do anything differently if he had the opportunity to go back in time, just as Hurley and Miles struggled over the question. In the Summer 2008 ARG, the Lost creators embedded the hidden comment “March Has 32 Days” as a clue in the ARG’s first email.

Just thought it was an interesting catch. I found it in a LOST group in facebook, the group’s usually pretty useless, except for this one. No theory, just fun.

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5 thoughts on “March Has 32 Days….

  1. You shouldn’t feel bad about lifting this from facebook Bailey. Whoever put it there lifted it from Lostpedia. It’s from the general section on the “Whatever Happened, Happened” article.

  2. Maybe the same anonymous someone posted it both places. It’s a pretty specific piece of trivia that really couldn’t be considered as a clue, because it’s just a little tooo unknown to be a clue. Basically, if the writers hadn’t left a clue about the clue nobody would have noticed the clue… which makes me think the writers in fact wrote the entire thing.

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