Stream of Consciousness Looping???

I was re-watching the pilot episode, part two.

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3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Looping???

  1. I think its plausible but it doesnt really bring anything to the story. Say Kate was conciously going back in time we dont know what happend in the first place to know whether she changed anything. Also we’ve seen what happens when Desmond went through it and he nearly died when it happend to him, Kate didnt even mention it, if it happend to me i think id be saying ‘what the f*** is going on?’. So i really dont think this will be the case. I have always thought it will end with the Jacks eye thing i just dont know how we’ll get to that point.

  2. i didn’t see anything….she looked towards the sky for a brief second before they flashed to her on the plane, but thats about it.

    and i have to say, if this show ends up with a shot of Jacks eye and it’s all a big boring time loop, i will boycott everythig LOST and everything Darlton for all of time LOL

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