Have you ever heard of the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

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  1. The Egyptians had a quite complex religious outlook that was significantly infused with their entire culture. Where we tend to think of things in the rather simple… body, mind, soul, the Egyptians had a much more complex grasp of these concepts. To them, one aspect of the self could live on without the body, while the other could not. The purpose of mummification and the death rituals was to prepare the body as well as the non-corporeal aspects for the afterlife, where they would be joined back together. In early Egyptian society, this honor was reserved only for the Pharoah, and per the “Book of the Dead” only a Pharoah who was pure of heart and mind. Unlike our thinking, the non-corporeal aspects of our being were not tied to the body, but one of them actually walked beside the body. In some of the oldest known Egyptian structures, small doorways were made beside the larger doorways which were intended specifically for the “double” to walk through. This is similar in some ways to the “deamons” portrayed in The Golden Compass. The cultural traditions of the Egyptian afterlife and the ascention of Osiris and his rebirth through his immaculately conceived son Horus are over two thousand years older than the Christian Bible and must have had a profound impact on the Jews living in Egypt as well as the Greeks and Romans who came to conquer Egypt after them.

    Anyway, the show is heavily sprinkled with references to ancient Egypt, so there is no doubt to me that something vaguely related to the Egyptian afterlife is going on, but what exactly that is is not quite clear yet.

  2. Ben will not die he will give up his soul for eternal life on the island becuase apparently the island will not let you die if it is not “through with you”. Also he will lose his innocence becuase he will now protect the island in the name of the smoke monster thus making him into the brutal genocidal maniac that all lost fans strangely love. On a different note, when alpert brought little ben to the temple ben became a “desciple” or “believer” in the island and now he is going to be judged by the smoke monster becuase he broke the rules by killing John Locke, a fellow other

  3. Yes RL… although apparently he isn’t wearing eyeliner, it’s his eyelashes! But regardless, he was obviously cast because of his eyes. I did a post awhile back talking about the island as Atlantis and how Atlantis was considered by the Greeks as a “mother culture” to both the Egyptians and the later Greeks.

  4. If richard is RA then Jacob is Anubis and Smoky is Admit or Amit I cant remember how to spell it. That would make why They put up statues of anubis no to please anubis but to please jacob. althou in my theory

    Richard = anubis
    Horace = horas
    Jacob = osiris or osir can’t remember how it is spelled
    Smoky = admit or amit

    For some reason Richard wants bodies of the dead like pauls and his own people In egypt Anubis was in controll of burials and all that there seems to be a connection in my eyes. Also in egypt Anubis carried a necklace shped like a cross but round at the top theexact on paul carried it sybolizez eternal life and there is only one person we have seen who lives forever Richard.

    I need more evidence for jacob being Osir so nothing there and now

    Smokey, The reason smoky is admit (amit) is because In egypt if you soul deemed unworthy to enter the underworld you would be fed to admit (amit) who lived in a dark pit directly under the soul weighng thing ( I cant remember what it is called) if your soul was hevyier then a fether your half would tip you into the pit of amit were he would eat you.

    What I think is that The under world is actually the wall and the temple and that amit is right under the temple hell he even has his own pit that ben fell into.

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