Anubis panel inside the temple

I haven’t had any time to work on Lost stuff this last few weeks, but when the picture of the Anubis panel inside the temple flashed on screen, I noticed the fertility god Min on the bottom left. Anyone who is able to look at the panel can notice him (tee hee.) He is the god I thought would be most likely to be the statue, but decided against it, because of obvious family/modesty tv show reasons. Now I think it will be Richard or Locke.

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5 thoughts on “Anubis panel inside the temple

  1. So you think that Min is a part of the show and that he is either Locke or Richard? And what about (tee-hee). A tv show these days can mention a fertility ‘God’ and

  2. There is a very obvious way you tell it is a male fertility god, if you get my meaning – BIG, obvious one. lol
    I just thought it was interesting that there was a fertility god there, given the whole fertility issues on the island – makes it a bit more important??

    But I am not thinking it is a fertility god statue anymore. Just a face on a typical Egyptian statue, and IMO Locke or Richard Alpert (RA) would be the most likely contenders. Ideas?

  3. spoeklet, considering ‘Min’ has some bearing to the story of ‘Horus’, and it speaks to the fertility issues on ‘the island’, I think there must be some reference. Nice catch!

    AES wrote a great theory on the Sun God RA. Check it out when you get a chance.

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