Adam and Eve = Bernard and Rose?

Written on 11th April

Don’t know if this was already confirmed, or anyone has ever said anything about it, but does anyone think that the “Adam and Eve” skeletons from S1 were Bernard and Rose? After the flaming arrow attack they took shelter in the caves, and after so many time travels they just couldn’t take it like Charlotte, and after time their bodies just decomposed.

Any thoughts?

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27 thoughts on “Adam and Eve = Bernard and Rose?

  1. I only have one question – if this is true, and i’m not necessarily saying it isn’t, where did they get the black and white stones jack pocketed when he found them?

  2. Doesnt anybody else thinks its kind of weird that Jack, did take those White & Black stones?

    I’m not sure if we the viewers actually see them again later on.

    So its kind of like Jack has knowledge of what the stones are or maybe he even knows who Bones they are. ??

  3. I’m also heard this theory not only on this but many other site’s as well, I saw a comment last night about how those Bones can also be Penny & Desmond’s which means they take little Charles Widmore/Humes with them BACK to the island ending up in a way Later time than the 70’s.

    Somebody & i think it Kim Or A.E.S whom really has faith in this theory & its make sense, since we havent seen how Charles even ends up on the Island.

    Maybe penny & Des are killed or just simply die in the caves & Charles is still so young that he ccould be taken in by the Others just like Ben (NO Mommy) & like John (No Mommy) & im not sure but have we ever seen Jacks Mom?

  4. I’ve wrote this before…. But I don’t know if they just died by themselvs.. As it was said that they looked like they were layed to rest … The stone… They are backgammon stones and Locke had black and whit stones in the pilot… Maybe it’s a symbol of their relationshift

  5. Please read…’folls….arent we all…’
    A theory of mine in fun…dont mind the story…it is true, but it is the meat of the theroy that gives the answer…
    also, one of my last comments there is my “almost confirmation” by the producers.

  6. Thats Lame…But what makes them Adam & Eve NOTHING???

    Dont you think if there bodies were just out for 1,000’s of year they wouldnt just be dust?

    Look up how long it would take a body to decompose while just left out even in a cave.


    They will probably just be the FIRST Interracial couple ever at the most. An if they were Adam & Eve they should def play a bigger role & what am i saying GOD created man and so on & so on…

    they obviously have parents.

  7. This was a stunning find last week from another website…

    A hidden anagram in “Not in Portland” had Only fools are enslaved in time and space which worked out is Bones of Nadlers may lay lost deep in caves.

    Bernard and Rose’s last name is Nadler

  8. that is exactly the comment I refer to above.
    It said something to the effect that the anagram could possibly help identify or explain ( i cannot remember which) the skeletons in the cave.

  9. OOOhh i thought everyone meant the real Adam & Eve meaning that the Island was Eden.

    nothing lame now just kind of obvious now with the 1 black stone & white 1.

    But why does Jack take the Stones??
    No significance maybe.

  10. For sure…Im sur they will get some honor before their demise…I really do like the characters, and even if they dont play an important role, it would be great to see them a little more often…hmmm, I assume they would be others if they are not Dharma…

  11. No no, I think you are correct to assume that the stones will be of some signifigance, between that, and Johns “black and white” speech to Walt, it seems correct to figure that they are important in some way.

  12. Ya they better join up with Others or it might be tough living on an island with no food? you know just them two to fend for themselves.

    Kind of heartless or should i say Selfish, that not one person even asks about either of them? while there just living it up in D.I.

    Everyone man for yourself i guess & im sure they figure them too be in maybe a Diff time but it has been what 4 yrs? I’d at least have like Sawyer ask Jin “if he seen anybody else like Bern & Rose or anybody” on Jins little expo’s around the island IDK??

  13. I dont think they were all alone, some of the ‘nobodys’ were with them, and Im pretty sure Vincent too…
    But yeah, nobody does really worry about them do they?

  14. Maybe they do ask…we didn’t see what happened for 3 years maybe they haven’t found them bc they are dead in the cave? Or maybe they already know they are dead in the cave?… It hasn’t explained much about those 3 years

  15. the black and white theme could play into the whole balance, yin yang thing throughout the show … see my “balanced opposition” post in the Fun forum. I think it has to do with the magnetic forces on the island too, i.e. equal amounts of positive and negative energy, IDK. I see the balance of opposites everywhere in the show, down to black and white as posted here.

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