Okay so is it me, or has anyone else thought that it is possible that Stuart Radzinsky and Mikhail Bakunin (the patch guy that died in the looking glass) could possibly be the same person?

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4 thoughts on “Radzinsky

  1. I once thought there was a link. Actually I was thinking Mikhail may have caught Radzinski prowling around the Flame in one of his famous reconnaissance missions and plugged him. I still do not buy the Radzinski suicide story Kelvin fed Desmond.

  2. I thought I saw Radzinski on the freighter in “Meet Kevin Johnson” today – I told my husband it was him … could be crazy stoopid wrong, though. (Yeah, I know he’s supposed to be dead, but we didn’t see it … and if it WAS him, he ain’t any older than in ’77).

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