Question About Formatting! Please HELP!

Sorry if this shouldn’t be here, but there’s no place to get help, no FAQ or anything like that that I can find so…I’m putting it here. What do all the tags mean when submitting a theory?

I know that [b] is for bold, [i] is for italics, [link] is for a hyperlink, [b-quote] is for a block quote, [del] is (I think) for strikeout, [img] is to insert an image, [li] is probably to make a horizontal line and [code] is to insert code without executing it but what about the others?

What does [ins], [ul], [ol], and [more] do? And is there anyway to change the color of your text because right now, whenever you use a block quote, the background is white and the text is white too…so, it’s impossible to read unless you highlight which is annoying. Help?

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I'm a Highschool Junior who is currently a few weeks away from her AP tests and, one fateful day upon catching a really bad cold, decided, looked up in her room, to watch the pilot episode of LOST instead of studying. Since then it's been four weeks and five weekends and I've watched every episode from season one, Pilot to season five "Dead is Dead" and I. Am. Lost. Utterly lost in LOST. WHOOH! Anyway, yeah--90+ episodes in four weeks is what you call obsession. But I've gotten three other people hooked on it in the process so, I'll take a bow for that.

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  1. Hiya

    I’ve changed the style on the blockquote so the text is visible now.

    [ul] and [ol] are unordered list and ordered list (ul puts bullets and ol puts numbers). [li] is a list item that you place within [ul] and [ol].

    [ins] I’m guessing that insets the text but I’m not entirely sure.

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