Why the Island’s Special

This is my first theory, and I know this is highly unlikely, but several of the Island’s mysterious properties seem to be consistent with what you may find near a magnetospheric eternally collapsing object (MECO). A MECO could greatly warp time and space, creating some of the Island’s odd properties. In addition, a MECO generates a huge electromagnetic field, which as we know the Island has, and the Swan was made to study it. So maybe, just maybe, the Island could be sitting on top of a MECO. The MECO could also exhibit peculiar behavior such as moving the Island through space, and mutating something via its EM field to create a healing virus. IDK, just an idea from a physics nerd.

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Mixen Dixon

Hey, I'm Mixen Dixon. I'm a somewhat nerdy teenager, being very enthusiastic about theoretical physics and computers (check me out on LOST is one of my favorite shows. I love to figure out scientific explanations of things that occur in LOST, which is why Daniel Faraday was my fav. character until he died. Too bad.

4 thoughts on “Why the Island’s Special

  1. Dan also had the Kerr Metric equation on his board whilst experimenting with his rat, Eloise. Aren’t these conflicting theories … i.e. black hole and MECO?

  2. I like this theory, it’s definitely plausible at least as something Dharma might believe in if not the actual reason for the island. I definitely like this better than the Egyptian sun god theory.

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