Joe’s lengthy But funny Weekly LOST Review (you may enjoy it)

Greetings fellow LOST junkies. I wondered all week how ‘Some Like it Hoth’ was going to compare to last week’s Ben-centric masterpiece, ‘Dead is Dead.’ I admit it didn’t wow me as much, but it was still a very enjoyable hour, and we finally got a little back story on Miles.
While last week gave us struggles for political power, religion vs. government, the new improved John Locke, the new but somehow slightly used Benjamin Linus, a fresh riddle to ponder and a peek at Smokie’s crib, this week provided us a look inside a character we knew next to nothing about, and we got to explore some of his Daddy Issues.
Of course we can’t fairly compare an episode like ‘Some Like it Hoth’ with ‘Dead is Dead.’ It’s like comparing apples to oranges, or to take a cue from the last night’s title, it would be like comparing the blue milk Luke Skywalker drank on Tatooine with that granola bar/taquito thing Luke Skywalker ate on Dagobah. They’re both tasty in their way, but found on entirely different grocery aisles.

The Real Housewives Of Orange County Wouldn’t Settle For This
For the ex-wife of a doctor, Mrs. Chang didn’t get much in the way of alimony, although the place did come with it’s own microwave oven. The apartment manager isn’t supposed to let kids in, but for two months in advance, Mr. Crotchety is willing to look the other way. Perhaps Lil Miles learned his code of questionable ethics from this crusty complex chief.
No sooner has the bargain been struck than the precocious child is making friends with the neighbors ‘ well the dead ones anyway.
Lil Miles is ‘called’ to apartment number 4 (as in the first of the mysterious numbers) and finds a hidden key beneath the white rabbit (as in Alice in Wonderland and the famous experimental white bunnies) and he lets himself into the late Mr. Vonner’s sad pad. Now, I know this episode was supposed to target Miles’ problems with the fact his father abandoned him as an infant, but I’m telling you right now, his mom ain’t gonna win to many Mother of the Year trophies either. The woman finds her impressionable son conversing with a lifeless corpse inside this squalid residence – and then she signs the rental agreement? Surely there’s an apartment complex somewhere in the Los Angeles Valley area with less dead bodies for young boys to play with’. Eh, scratch that. I guess that place is as good as any other.

Can You Get Milk From My Nipples Miles?
Sawyer/LaFleur no sooner talks Miles into erasing the surveillance tapes than Horace busts into the room before Miles had a chance to comply with SawFleur’s request. Now Miles has joined Gaylord Focker inside Dharma’s Circle of Trust. I sure hope he doesn’t try to get milk from Horace’s nipples.
Man that Radzinsky is wound tight. I mean, I know he’s in a forbidden part of the island, but the guy is just itching to shoot someone, and I get the sense he may get his chance soon. Anyway, Miles shows up, and Radzinsky has a couple goons bring out the body of a freshly dead Dharmite named, Alvarez. They load him in the back of the van. Miles is confused as to how a man can die from an internally punctured skull, while digging a ditch and since Radzinsky is not giving up any secrets, Miles goes straight to the source. He finds dead ditch-diggers are way less anal than the living breathing Heads of Research.

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15 thoughts on “Joe’s lengthy But funny Weekly LOST Review (you may enjoy it)

  1. Brilliant summary! The part where I really lost it, is where Hurley resurrects the dead, only to kill him again! Being a particularly visual individual, I felt like I was in the van! lol Not a good thing!

    The bunny rabbit outside of the dead man’s door was a ‘shout out’ to the Orchid video and the two bunnies. They must not touch one another, or….. It begs the question will Miles come into close personal contact with himself. hmmm

    My money is on Hurley for trying to get the ‘family reunion’ between Miles and his dad happening!

    Ken Leung is a fantastic actor, quite understated. I thought his skills playing all aspects of his growing years, were particularly believable.

    A thoroughly enjoyable read!

  2. Before I read it, I must say I laughed out loud at the title “You MAY enjoy it” haha, because you got some heat last time when you wrote “you WILL like it”

  3. Hey there everyone, thanks again for the kind words. I really do appreciate them.

    And Cappy, yeah I figured maybe I was too bold in my “guarantee” last week. Perhaps this header will be less controversial.
    (Of course that could mean less email)

  4. Well done Joe.

    You bring up a question about Kate and Roger that has been bugging me. Has Kate actually seen any other side of Roger other than when he’s appearing somewhat worried about Ben?

    I realized this week that I don’t think she has seen the same side of Roger that Sayid and now Jack have seen… So to me, her ‘heart in the right place’ actions, albeit are incredibly naive (and frustrating as a viewer), well, they aren’t completely ludicrous because she doesn’t know he’s such a jerk.

    Am I wrong? Has she seen him as an abusive/alcoholic/nutjob?

  5. Kim. You are right. They have that talk when Kate helps Roger get the van out of the house. Then she’s giving Ben blood and sees him worried, and then she sees him upset on the swing. AFAIK she has not seen the evil Roger that Sayid, Jack and we have all seen.

  6. Alcoholic…yes, the other…
    But remember, Ben at some point returns to the ‘others’, and when he does…Dads going to be pissed he stole his keys and let the hostile out.
    Dharma beer in hand, he will probably exhibit the characteristics that Ben knows and hates upon his return…
    THEY are the true Luke and Vader story…Mom dies in childbirth, Dad turns bad, Son kills father…and possibly joins the darkside…possibly…

  7. Seeing Roger on the swings drinking doesn’t mean he’s an alcoholic to Kate. Lots of people use alcohol to relieve stress or drown bad thoughts. Roger has obviously had a sh*tty day, having your child shot, then ‘kidnapped’ on a secluded island with a population of about 100 is as sh*tty as it gets.

  8. Not to turn this “fun” overview into a “theory” conversation necessarily…

    But thanks Capp and AES for affirming that I’m not too off in thinking that Kate hasn’t seen “bad” Roger. I do think it’s a very interesting twist of irony that she is befriending not only Ben’s father, but a man who has some very similar traits as her father, the man she killed, the man who indirectly yet ultimately put her on the run to become the con-survivor that she is…

    I can’t help but think that this little plot point for Kate is quite significant on the ‘redemption’ scale. I will have to think more of it.

    Especially knowing that part of where we are headed (in both the war and the incident) has to do very much with choosing sides. It’s not even that I think that Kate will choose Roger’s side (haven’t given enough thought yet) BUT ultimately if she does, I think it’s interesting to think of what she will find out about him if she does. Full circle, anyone?

  9. Excellent point, and apparently my oversight. I just assumed Kate had seen Roger’s bad side, but now that you mention it, he’s been on good behavior around her for the most part, and when he hasn’t been, he’s had just cause.

    Between Roger getting suspicious and SawFleur knocking out Phil, the Dharmites are going to feel like the enemy is in their own camp, and some of them infiltrated there years ago.

    Horace is going to feel betrayed, and the rumor is still out there that a “majorish to major” character is going to die this season. I wonder if they’ll wind up jumping back to the future in the season finale.

    The Purge doesn’t happen for another 15 years (provided they can’t alter the future) It seems he big war Widmore, Ben and Bram have mentioned has to happen in the present day, so I’ll guess Sun (with help from Christian and maybe Locke) figures out how to get Jin (and the rest of them) back to modern times.

    Sorry if I got too theoretical on the fun site, but theories are fun. 😉

  10. Yes they are…

    I think the war is actually theier way of describing what led to the purge…
    It would make perfect sense for the war to be in the past.
    At the shows speed, and point in the season, with the amount of episodes left all together…I expect the war to be one of the final things that happens…
    It could be the end, with the war going on, that something changes and saves the DI, the Island, and possibly humanity….or it could be where something doesnt change, and everything occuress exactly the way it did before, with the Losties there…just as they were before…
    I dont expect modern times, with all the Egyptian references, the statue, the necklace, and everything else, I think if it wasnt in the recent past, it could be in the ancient past.

    Nicely done by the way…I enjoy your posts, very lighthearted and specific at the same time…
    Keep them coming.

  11. JoeArtistWriter, I laughed so hard reading your summary that my sides hurt. You are incredibly talented and witty, while evidencing your genuine fondness for the show. Not a surprise that you’ve written for National Lampoon–I hope you have work now–we all need to laugh more!! Keep these posts coming!

  12. imisscharlie, like 10% of America, and probably 60% of American artists, I find myself currently scrambling for work, but it is encouraging to read the kind words of the people on this site.

    Thanks to the compliments I receive on this page (and pages like it) I have a smaller desire to bang my head against hard cinderblock walls.

    Sadly, that desire and the bruises will remain until I catch on again somewhere full-time, or get another book deal.

    Ok, gotta run, that cinderblock isn’t going to bloody itself.

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