How Miles has a 6th Sense

Follow me here for a second….as I think I may have figured out how Miles communicates with the dead….now…this theory hinges on something happening that hasn’t happened yet…but…stick with me and this just…just might make some sense.

Imagine you are both dead and alive for a good portion of your life. If you are both dead and alive for the Dates that encompasses your life…would you be able to talk to the dead and the ‘alive’? I think so. I also think this is how Miles talks / communicates with the dead.

If you think about it. Miles is alive from 1977 (approx) to 2004 in “LINEAR” fashion. Meaning he ages normally and progresses through life between that time. He is alive and well during that time. However, he has an ability to ‘hear’ or ‘speak’ to the dead.

Now, what if Miles dies in the ‘incident’ on the island somewhere around the year 1978 (or somewhere around that date). From 1978 to 2004…Miles would be … both dead and alive for most of his life right? Would this be the bridge that keeps him communicating with the dead??

I think so. Now if Miles doesn’t die in the incident…I’ll have to rethink this one…but if he does in fact die in the INCIDENT….then I think we may in fact have our reasoning on why Miles can communicate with the dead.


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26 thoughts on “How Miles has a 6th Sense

  1. I’m sure some live and some die…but to me it would make sense if Miles dies…and because of it, has the ability to ‘communicate with the dead

  2. Well, if any of the others die then they too should get that ability.

    I don’t really think it’s going to go this way though. I don’t really see a connection between baby Miles in 1977 and grown-up Miles in 1977. If Miles dies then from baby miles point of view that’s just something that’s going to happen to him later. It doesn’t make him dead and alive at the same time. It makes him alive at three months of age and dead at 30.

  3. But, if you in fact die in 1978..aren’t you dead at that point??? So if he is alive and dead…wouldn’t that draw a connection. This would be the same if anyone else were to die in the Incident and then also lived a life outside….however, we haven’t seen that happen yet.

    Charlotte died at a completely different time….and no one else that we know will have been alive and dead at the same time…

    This is confusing…but basically…being dead and alive from 1978-2004 does seem possible based on the events unfolding…if only Miles dies (that was also alive during the following years) then you would have at least some explanation as to why he can hear/communicate with the dead

  4. It doesn’t matter what year it is. Young and old Miles wouldn’t have any more connection than Hurley and Kate in my opinion. The producers could decide I’m wrong though.

  5. If kate and or Hurley die then yes…they would have to be able to communicate to dead people as well if my theory is true. I think the year does matter…again..he’s alive as a child growing up from 1976 (or so) until 2004 and then dies in 1978…doesn’t that make you…SPECIAL in some in you’re dead in ONE SENSE but ALIVE and KICKING in another sense? T

  6. Ummm, I don’t know… I would think that if they are connected to their younger selves while they’re back in 1977 then wouldn’t there be some kind of connection while they’re both alive?

  7. There doesn’t have to be a connection other then it’s the same person (made up of the same DNA) The communication with the dead throughout Miles life would exist because he’s already died as of the DATE ON EARTH…but not as of the date OF HIS LIFE. Therefore…he has a communication line with the dead on EARTH

  8. Ok but what your saying that dead and alive connection is why he can communicate with the dead but when he communicates with the dead dude who’s filling got ripped out then your theory makes no sense cause he is alive(young and old) so he,in your reasoning,should have that ability.

    What say you to that?

  9. Well…you may have me on that one 🙂 Right now I can just say once you have the ability you have it 🙂 But of course that is a weak cop out…so…until I come up with a decent come back…I have been defeated…nice work!! 🙂

  10. acharaisthekey, Miles demonstrates a psychic ability to communicate with the dead. This is limited to the body and the circumstances of how it passed on.

    Hurley has also developed this ability, but it is further developed, as he also see the dead, and is able to have full communication with them.

    I view Miles abilities to be no different than somebody who is hit by lightening or receives a high voltage of electricity.

    It may indicate that he did come into close contact with himself as a baby, causing his father to lose his arm, and provide enough of a jolt to ‘the baby’, to heighten this ability.

    We see Miles as a young child, and he already uses his abilities to communicate with the dead.

  11. This is a really cool theory, the only problem I see though is that baby Miles is fully alive and even if his life “string” is dead parallel to his current little baby one. You know how they connected the whole time thing to a string? Yes maybe in Mile’s future which is currently running parallel to his past baby self, he might die and therefore be “dead” but that doesn’t make him half dead-half alive it just means that there’s no longer two of him–I see this more as a course correction not really an anomaly. The anomaly is that there are two of him in one time but he isn’t really in any way connected to his baby self–that’s his past and he in his own present.

    I’m not sure. I think it’s much more likely that the incident has something to do with it and that it involves the electromagnetic energies that gave Desmond his future-seeing power.

  12. This can not possibly be true because that would mean he can only talk to the dead while there is a living Miles and a dead Miles. He talks to the bodies while both versions of himself are alive and before he is born back in 1954.

  13. Ok, in defense of the idea that “he can only talk to the dead while there is a living Miles and a dead Miles”…
    The older miles already experienced this moment in his past, which is the future for younger Miles…therefor, yes, he would already have this ability….But it is mostlikely not because he is dead/alive at the same time, but because of a physical interaction between the two, which will most likely also be how Chang loses his arm. I think at that point, older Miles may die, but it is the contact that would trigger the ability, not so much the dead/alive thing.

  14. I think contact between the two will explain why he can talk to the dead (or really, listen to the dead). It’s up in the air still if that will kill older Miles. I can’t for the life of me imagine how that event will cause Chang to lose his arm.

  15. I too, have been fascinated with the ramifications of someone existing in a year that they have already existed in (if we have the perspective of “linear” time) and what the implications are if something really significant happens – like them dying. (And yes, Highbrow is always helpful and says things like, “they die.”) So that’s why I liked this theory, even if there are holes and such.

    (Highbrow, now for my turn to state the obvious: Chang loses his arm because a certain someone accidentally ripped it off as she was simply trying to help him up after he tripped and fell down. Sheesh. I thought you were the one working on this theory of solving all the major questions on Lost!)

  16. And one more thing Achara…it would be very interesting if you were right because I wonder where that would leave Hurley. (Dead in the 70s, ‘crazy’ in life from then on?) I know people have tried to say that you are wrong, but it is interesting to think about nonetheless…

  17. Alright, new to the site here: Is there any connection of being born on the island and having “powers?” I know that answering yes would not explain Hurley being able to speak to dead people. Just seems like those born on the island have something special because they were born on it

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