Charolette and Tunisia explained!!!

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I find it interesting.

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11 thoughts on “Charolette and Tunisia explained!!!

  1. lostinthought, very interesting research! Nice work!

    I wrote a theory awhile back, entitled The Island, The Phoenicians, etc., which speak about the ancient connection to ‘the island’, and how it may have been discovered.

    Take a look at it, if you’re so inclined.

    I think you are onto something significant.

  2. I definitely agree that you are on to something! It drives me nuts that Charlotte goes on and on about being an anthropologist, in spite of the fact that all of the work we’ve seen her do is related specifically to archaeological, not anthropological pursuits. If the Others are indeed vestiges of a Carthage/Egyptian settlement or culture, then her being an anthropologist has more merit – she’s studying the past in order to gain insight into a currently existing culture. Anthropology, particularly British anthropology, is all about studying living people, not dead cultures.

    I am excited to see if your insights come into fruition on the small screen soon!

  3. I am also curious, along the lines of Charlotte, if she knows and has something to do with Annie. Maybe that is why Ben is extra hostile towards her? She had to have been in the same circles, of course, she is a bit younger.

  4. First I want to say great thoughts and research! I really like the idea of this theory, and it delves more into Charlotte who has not been developed very much at all. After she was dead I’m afraid they won’t let us know (see Libby). But this theory is great and would give more meaning to Charlotte’s character if it’s true.

    Now in response to the posts:
    sohrshah, Anthropology is an umbrella term for many different studies. Archaeology is a form of Anthropology. There’s also cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, etc.

    mojo, by saying you think Ben was “extra hostile” towards Charlotte, I assume your referring to him shooting her? I think that’s because he was afraid of them capturing him and he saw the chance to take one of them “out.”

  5. The question remains… Is Charlotte dead or did Daniel say something to her younger self that may have saved her life?
    (‘Doc, the Lybbians are going to shoot you, wear a bullet proof vest!’)

    I would love to see Charlotte show up and tag along as Locke explores the temple underground. She could supply a running commentary on the meanings of the hieroglyphs on the walls…
    (‘Oh and over there is the god Anubis! Did you know that in statue form he was always depicted as having only four toes?’)


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