ok before i start i would like to thank dabs for getting me interested in this which resulted in me spending hours searching websites about it, ohh what a fun life i lead eh i have to stop obsessing about stuff too much it cant be healthy.
ok what started out as a simple wiki search ended up searching dragons serpents the lot at 1 point i even ended up on the web bible and of all the stuff i found out i will try to keep it lost related the best i can
1)the ouroboros represents a cycle that is constantly in motion when something ends it starts again from the beginning forever going round in loop like when its the end of the day its the beginning of the night and vice versa. it also represents rebirth after death and people who beleve this beleve eternal life for as quick as you die you will be born again
2) i also found out that some beleve it be a representative of time with its head being the present and its tail being the past
3)plato descrides a circular being as the first living thing in the universe, an immortal perfectly constructed being.this being had no eyes or ears for had nothing to see or hear, neither did it have any organs for it didnt need to eat. Its own waste provideding his own food it was completeley self sufficent. It didnt have hands or legs the movement of it was suited to it spherical form
4)a)(i will type this as i read it) Gnostic mysticism turned the great serpent into ouroboros, the great earth dragon living forever in the uterine underworld… Christians adopted the great serpent as a form or their devil
4)b)(this is from the bible) The great dragon was thrown down, the old serpent, he who is called the devil and satan the deceiver of the whole world. he was thrown down to earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

my review
ok so the loop theorists will love number 1 and 2 but im more interested in 3 and 4 i kinda think their can be a connection made does 3 sound like the smoke monster to anyone because it does to me and 4 states that ouroboros was sent to the underworld which we know is wriitten on the temple where smokey lives. also if you have a good look at the carvings from where smoky come from in the temple you can see anubis worshipping smokey who is kinda looking like a serpent. 4b the old serpent was thrown down with his angels, who has ties to the temple and has been around a very long time since the beginning some mite say, good old richard, could he be an angel could the island be the place on earth where satan was banished too
i no its sounds far fetched but i thiught i would share my findings with you all this has took some time to research so please go easy on me and if you think any of my findings are wrong please just let me no

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12 thoughts on “ouroboros

  1. Samson, this is very good! You should edit it, and post it in the theories section! It is worthy of a place there, and to receive the attention it deserves!

  2. Samson, I think the research definitely paid off! The Ouroborus is certainly representative of the ‘cycle of life’, being birth, death, and re-birth.

    I was aware that the Ouroborus represented time itself and a ‘loop’ of sorts, but also related this to the ‘cycle of life’. I could be wrong on that note.

    I am on board with the Underworld connection and how that might pertain to the smoke monster. It seems to fit in with the mythology.

    I do happen to think that it makes sense that there are spiritual undertones which highlight the good vs evil thing.

    I am not certain how graphic the writers will be when explaining any of it in the story line. They may take a very subtle approach to allow people to draw their own conclusions.

    Great theory and research!

  3. I saw this one episode of Red Dwarf where Lister and kochanski make a baby or something, and they sent it back in time and it turned out to be an ouroboros Lister.

    good episode

    Kryten acted like a robot, and Cat said some funny things. Holly may have been a dude or a chick, I’m not sure.

    figured id say that… its kinda neat.

  4. Cheers dabs if it wasn’t for you u i wouldn’t of researched it so I guess it’s dedicated to you. How do I repost it I’m kinds new to the writing theories and don’t no how to do it. Supertrooper I no about red dwarf I’m a huge huge fan I left a comment along the same lines on dabs theory thanks for the interest though

  5. could the administraters of this site please help me i want to repost this in theorys and i dont no how 2 i tried a few times and i cant seem to figure it out if you could help your reward would be a big thank you

  6. lol Samson I know I read it, I love red dwarf also and felt like writing up a similar comment because i thought it would be funny. i laughed.

  7. Samson, thanks for the dedication! it’s greatly appreciated.

    Next time, do not be reluctant to post a theory! I think you did this justice!

  8. ive just reposted this as a theory so hopefully i can get a bit more interest in it and if your interested im just on finishing another theory now about a statement faraday made im gonna try and get it out before the next episode airs in america and all the new theorys come out because i usually have to take a break from this site between the times it airs in america and it does over here in the uk

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