richard alperts strange life

no one really knows who richard alpert is and why hes age less. i think that richard is dead. like cristian, but with more influence. in one episode, ben is holding a doll he got for his birthday and richard asks what it was. ben replies that he got it for his birthday then asks richard ‘You do remember birthdays, don’t you, Richard?’ this makes me think that richard has been dead for a while and has honed in in his abilities. wut do u guys think?

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11 thoughts on “richard alperts strange life

  1. the latest funnest theory i heard was he was from the future, used the island to go back in time to the Egyptian period, became a pharaoh/god, and lived through time ever since.

  2. I think he is immortal or something and from egyptian times. He will never appear to age, he will never die, he will always be on the island. As Juliet once said, “Richard has always been here”.

  3. he’s from the fifties.he uses the time machine a lot.i think when we saw him in the hospital its because he was there anyway regardless of what locke told him about when and where locke was born.richard was also mentioned in lockes school when the teacher offered to send locke to science seems obvious to me richard has been looking out for locke like he was his dad

  4. whenever richard has stuff to do to ensure lockes safety he turns up at the island.other that that he probably spends most of his time in the fifties.all told i expect richard is hardly ever on the island at all

  5. soupertrooper – very funny although that is how the actor looks naturally.

    I too think that Alpert is just simply old, and ageless, and possibly immortal. Has his life ever been in jeopardy? I cannot recall. But it would be a great twist to see that he – like Michael, Locke etc. – cannot die. He never seems to be ‘scared’ of much, but that’s speculation.

    I also believe he has connections to Egypt, whether it be Egyptian times or reference. He seems to know a lot – hell, almost everything about the island, but he seemed kind of clueless with the whole time travel thing. So I do not think he time travels.

  6. egyptians have deep dark set eyes,he is not wearing eye liner, and most egyptian’ eyes are like that, its in their genetic make up (pun, very much intended)


  7. What was strange is that he didn’t appear to recognize Faraday, didn’t he meet him once in the ’50s about the bomb?

    Also, he was smooth again with a gun at his head, didn’t event flinch … even yelled at Eloise for shooting Faraday, and replied “He wasn’t going to shoot me” … how did he know that? He just reads people that well or something? He is one of the bigger mysteries of the show

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